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Unknown birth time


In an ideal world everyone would be able to find out their birth time, or that of their partner. The two most common methods are:

  • Asking parents - often the fastest and cheapest way if available
  • Obtaining a copy of your birth certificate - not all hospitals record the time however

Neither of these are foolproof:

Parents memories can often be too vague eg 'early evening'

Some hospitals don't record times. When hospitals do record times it's not uncommon for them to be rounded to the nearest 5 or 15 minutes, and often it's estimated at the end of the delivery. If a birth is straightforward the time is often accurate, but in the case of complications recording the time is obviously a very low priority for everyone involved.

There's also situations where you can't obtain any information reliably - for example if your parents are dead and the hospital has long since closed. This was my situation when i started studying astrology, and hence an area I took a great interest in.

Birth time rectification

There is a third method which can be used to establish the exact time of birth. It's a technique called "Birth time rectification" which can be used to calculate your birth time 'backwards' from the dates of significant events in your life.

This can be used to double check the accuracy of a 'known' time, or to establish the time when it's totally unknown.

Calculating birth time 'backwards' from life events is a fascinating and huge subject. In some ways you can think of it as 'reverse astrology'.

This is a service which I offer, however it's highly dependant on knowing the dates of significant life events (a list of examples is below)

If you would like your birth time (or that of a partner) verified or calculated I will need the following:

  • The date of birth (must be accurate - permutations are too vast to calculate this as well)
  • Your best guess of the time, if any
  • A list of significant life events with their dates

If you're interested in this service please use the 'contact me' button on the right menu and send me the list of life events which you have, and the time of birth to the best of your knowledge. From this I can advise if rectification will be possible (sometimes it just isn't) and give a quote for the cost.

To give a guideline, with a solid list of events and if you know the time to the nearest hour it can be as cheap as $20. At the other extreme, if you have relatively few events and no idea of the time it can be as high as $200.

Examples of the type of life events which are usable:

  • The start date of a significant romance
  • The date(s) of any marriages
  • The date(s) of the birth of any children
  • The date of fathers death
  • The date of mothers death
  • The date(s) of another significant persons death
  • The date of an insightful discovery / epiphany
  • The date(s) of a significant accident, or violent event, or surgery
  • The date(s) of a relocation

None of these are 'needed', however the more you have the easier it is to work with. As a minimum I'll need at least five of these types of event dates.

I only use one event in any 2 year period, so the dates must be spaced out. In practical terms this means that if you aren't at least 20-25 years old it will typically be impossible to calculate.

For more information please feel free to contact me. Don't worry, there won't be any sales pitches, the expensive ones are a ton of mind numbing work, so I'm more likely to talk you out of it than into it, unless it will be cheap and easy.

(In theory, any professional astrologer can prepare these, yet very few offer them for this reason - permutations for the calculations can run into the billions and make your head explode if not careful)

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