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Astrologers - how can I find a good one?

One of the difficulties with finding an astrologer is that there's no official qualification for them. Various schools, associations and local certifications exist, and several imply they're the best or biggest (of course!)

In this age of the internet it's easy to work with an astrologer anywhere in the world. This page seeks to share information on astrologers offering online services and information.

Astrologers for hire

Offer genuinely free natal charts (and some very cheap astrology reports). Unlike many free services they don't hammer you with email advertising for the rest of your life.

Astrologer Blair Gorman
Offers free readings, though they do lead to a sales pitch for paid products

Astrologer Nimmi Chandiramani
Nimmi offers to answer any question by hand using Vedic astrology for $10 - the cheapest I've seen.
Offers a wide selection of Vedic reports at varying prices.

Astrologer blogs

The ten minute astrologer
A no-nonsense blog from a lady who calls it how she see's it. "Patricia is a long time member and past president of the Long Island Chapter of NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research) and has been practicing astrology for over 20 years. She has appeared on numerous cable and radio shows [...] and has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people find satisfaction in their chosen professions. Her astrological clientele consists of people from all walks of life. She is writing a soon to be available astrology program for newborns called BabyScopes."

Questions and answers related to Astrologers

Visitor question - Do you need to be psychic to be an astrologer?

Absolutely not. There's no psychic element to astrology. You don't need to see spirits, go into a trance, or dance naked with goats in order to read a natal chart. What you do in your free time is of course up to you ;)

Visitor question - What's your advice to new astrologers?

One of the best secrets I found to gain the trust of clients was to master the art of birth time rectification. Sounds weird on the surface perhaps, but if you start every reading with a (brief) rectification you would be surprised how often that client becomes an astrology client for life. I suspect many other astrologers have witnessed this phenomenon.

When you ask a direct question such as "Did you lose a loved one around the age of 22?", "Did you change career at the age of 29?" etc - if you're consistently right it gets peoples attention better than any sales material ever will.

Often before you even start the reading you have found major items in someone’s life, and corrected their birth time! - do that and it's proof positive that a) you know your stuff and b) astrology works! This is especially good for people who have had multiple readings elsewhere previously, yet have remained skeptical.

I'm sure I’m not the only astrologer who's frustrated with the lack of credibility the field gets due to tabloid horoscopes and other 'entertainment only' delivery systems which are a mockery of the subject. This is one method of helping to improve the credibility of astrology (which should be a goal for every astrologer I think) while helping yourself at the same time - a win:win.

I’m also a big fan of specialization, hence I do relationship astrology almost exclusively. I’ve found this has worked well for me, as astrology is a subject which many people are interested in, yet few want to actually pay for - unless they know they're getting the very best.

If you have questions about learning astrology, you may want to also visit my astrology software reviews page, which has some related Q&A on it.

Visitor question - Why aren't astrologers all rich?

Sadly, we've yet to find a planet which determines winning lottery numbers. If we do, then you'll soon know because every astrology column will quickly shut down ;)

The main reason is because there's no standard certification yet for astrologers, so anyone can read a book for a few months and label themselves as an astrologer, competing immediately with someone who has devoted most of their life to study. It's the same reason that a doctor can earn more than a hairstylist.

Also, as with any field, technical skill and the ability to earn money from it are independent. Often the very best practitioners do so out of passion and love for the subject. Conversely some approach the field from a 'marketing first' standpoint, often more concerned with their brand name or logo than any end product.

Visitor question - Why do astrologers sometimes disagree?

While much of astrology is a science, the end result is entirely human. Subjects such as personality and interaction are by nature subjective, and hence imprecise. If someone is 'intelligent' one astrologer might refer to it as 'analytical' within a context, while another might refer to it as 'non-emotional' within a context.

Add together a page of such writing style and the overall impression can sometimes be substantially different. This is a particular danger with authers who prefer a more verbose and 'flowery' delivery.

The best astrologers!

Often the best astrologers are too busy studying and practicing astrology to advertise themselves well, while those that focus almost exclusively on self promotion are better known, while selling inferior services.

Obviously lots of exceptions exist to this, but don't assume a well known astrologer or one with a well known website is awesome, or a smaller one is bad! Some of the very best astrologers I’ve met have been so busy studying that they rarely think to advertise – and few have the urge to master web design etc.

This situation is often compounded because there are many different methods used in astrology. This often causes novice astrologers (and conmen) to "discover" a less orthodox method and then sell it as a revolutionary discovery to people who have never heard of it - claiming that all other methods are wrong or inferior.

Recommend an astrologer

If you have an experience to share, a site to recommend, or a question relating to astrologers I'd love to hear about it and add any new information to this article if it adds value to future readers.

Your experience or question
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