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Astrology FAQ

Astrology in general

What is astrology?

Does astrology work?
How does astrology work?
Why does astrology work?

Is astrology an art, or a science?
Where did astrology originate?

The scientific view of astrology
The metaphysical view of astrology


Are horoscopes accurate?

Astrology and Astronomy

What's the difference between astrology and astronomy?
Weren’t some of the outer planets only recently discovered?!

Astrology and birth

Why is the time of birth and not time of conception used in astrology?
Does a mothers womb insulate a fetus from the universe?
Does the presence of those delivering a baby affect a persons birth chart?

Astrology and religion

Is there a conflict between astrology and religion?


Do you need psychic powers to be an astrologer?
How do I start learning Astrology?
How long does it take to learn astrology?
Why do astrologers sometimes disagree?
Why aren’t astrologers all rich?

Astrology practice

What is a natal chart? (aka birth chart)

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