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2010 Horoscope


Get your own personal horoscope, prepared by a professional astrologer from your unique natal chart!

What's special about my 2010 horoscopes?!

When prepared for an individual an astrologer can focus a horoscope on many different aspects of your life. Mine have a unique dual focus:

Your traditional horoscope

A section focused on your general life areas such as career, business, homelife, relationships and friendships.

Your emotional horoscope

A section focused on your emotional balance, energy levels, optimism, creativity, sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality and other key internal factors.

Emotional factors are not included in traditional horoscopes, yet often it's invaluable to see why you are (or will be) reacting to something the way you are. This information is so critical that I feel it needs to be separated.

Other unique features of my 2010 horoscope packages:

Free natal chart
I prepare your natal chart in the process of creating the horoscope, so I include it free.

Free birth time correction
Often as people start to appreciate the value of professional astrology they research their birth time more precisely. If you later find a more accurate time your package includes a free correction.

Your entire year of horoscopes is delivered in one package
Want to book a vacation for August? Having the whole year in front of you is often helpful for planning purposes, so I don't send just one day at a time.

Free email support
If you get questions on your horoscope during the year I'm just a mouse click away.

How to obtain your personal 2010 horoscope

The complete 2010 horoscope package for yourself or as a unique gift for someone else is $19.99

Average package size is 120 pages. Delivery is via email. It's designed to be easily printed, in case you prefer a hard copy or wish to give one as a gift. Due to high seasonal demand please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

Each package comes with an unconditional 60 day guarantee and include email support if you have questions during the year.

Below is a questionnaire to ensure you have everything before ordering. You can complete this either for yourself, or someone else if you want to give one as a unique gift.

First name (of person
horoscope is for)
Day, month and year of birth
(please spell the month)
Time of birth
This time is in the...
AM (Morning)
PM (Afternoon/Evening)
This time of birth is...
Close, but maybe an hour off
Within a few hours either side
No idea, so I used noon
Location of birth - Town
State / county / region
Your name
Your email address

Frequently asked questions

Your prices seem very cheap for a personal 2010 horoscope?
Yes, and this is deliberate. Almost 70% of my clients come back year after year. I never spend money on advertising because my work sells itself once someone tries it. You aren't paying for me to spam websites or email with advertising.

Do I need to know my precise birth time?
Your horoscope is based off of the date, time and location of your birth. Ideally the times should be as accurate as possible, but I can work with the best information you have. The package includes a free revision if you later find a more accurate time.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. A very high percentage of my business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals, so ensuring every customer is satisfied is a high priority. All my work has a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

Do you have testimonials?
I could fill an entire website with testimonials at this point, but internet testimonials always look very fake to me. So instead, my unconditional 60 day guarantee ensures you can form your own opinion on the value of the information to you. You don't need to take someone elses word for it.

How long does it take to get my 2010 horoscope package?
All packages are delivered via email. I promise delivery within 24 hours.

About me

ut oh

My name's David, and I'm a professional astrologer and relationship consultant. Since 1993 I've written thousands of articles on relationship astrology. 400 or so are currently available on this site.

My clients have included three of Europes largest dating services, for whom I've matched tens of thousands of premium members worldwide. You can read more about me here.

I use state of the art techniques from multiple astrological schools and practices including western, vedic, cosmobiology, symmetrical, hellenistic, huber, harmonics and others. Methods used for any individual report or reading are selected based on client feedback and satisfaction. I don't promote one methodology as being superior to any other, I use whichever has proven to produce the most accurate results for a given task.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me there's also a link to do so available on the right hand menu of any page on this site.

All my 2010 horoscope packages have a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. My goal is to provide you with the best personal horoscope available anywhere.

Wow! I'd like to know what's happening in my life over the next year! Rush me back up to that order button please!

Bah humbug! I'm not interested in horoscopes, love, romance, sex, kinky games or soulmates. Take me back to your home page please.

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