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Aries gift ideas


Aries gift ideas - Rules of thumb

Gifts are a hard thing to pin down via astrology, as personal tastes, budgets and lifestyles vary greatly. The following are some rules of thumb for Aries gifts. Add the knowledge to what you already know the person enjoys - don't replace it!

As a rule Aries enjoy anything fun, amusing or exciting - avoid practical or boring gifts where possible. This isn't a person who is likely to enjoy that day planner or 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle ;)

Clothes - again, try to stay away from anything too practical or boring. Go with something bold, colorful or exciting (hint for guys: think bold for lingerie - Aries girls aren't afraid to get raunchy!) The Aries color is (bright) red, though that's not to say every Aries will like it.

If your Aries is the active type then anything related to their favorite sport or workout method is sure to be appreciated. Typically they are action people (or want to be!) and a gift which inspires them to start a physical activity is often remembered for a long time.

Tickets or (if you're the brave and reckless sort yourself) a surprise trip to an adventure activity - ideally something exciting or challenging - eg flying lessons, rock climbing lessons, scuba diving lessons etc

Perfumes and colognes are likely to be preferred bold and distinctive, over the light or subtle.

If you're picking jewelry and want something significant then the star stone for Aries is Diamond (not to be confused with birthstones, which vary by month). The Aries birthsones are Aquamarines (March) Diamonds (April).

If you're looking for a fun and fast gift idea, there's an ebook Sex all around the house which lists a thousand ideas for kitchens, closets, garages and 150 creative uses for household objects - an interesting read! Or, the Ultimate guide to talking dirty, an ebook written by a lady author, which again they may get a kick out of.

If you're all out of ideas then the opportunity presented by gift certificates may be appreciated more than by many other signs (Aries don't particularly need something sentimental or with an emotional attachment etc).

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