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Aries mythology


Aries mythology

Aries mythology

In Greek mythology Aries was a ram with a golden fleece which Hermes sent to rescue Phrixus and Helle (the children of Athamas the king of Thebes) from his second wife, Ino who planned to murder them.

Helle sadly fell off the ram in mid flight, landing in the sea and drowning (later named the Hellespont after her). Phrixus however survived, and needing a peace offering for the king of his new land (Aeetes) promptly killed the ram in order to use its golden fleece.

The remainder of the ram was given as an offering to Zeus, who placed it among the stars in the zodiac, presumably either as a reward or an apology.

Meanwhile the fleece was given to Aeetes, who left it in the care of a dragon (they took their security pretty seriously back then..) this perked the interest of  Jason and his Argonauts, who promptly sailed off, killed the dragon and took the fleece.

Phrixus meanwhile married Aeetas's daughter, and lived the rest of his life in exile.

Kids, this is the kind of stuff people did before TV's were invented!

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