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Capricorn woman my experiences with men

This was a reader submitted comment on one of our message boards. Because it was so long (and interesting!) we gave it it's own page to allow comments.

It's one Capricorn womans 20 year journal of her experiences with men of various signs.

Capricorn woman/Gemini guy:

He taught me to laugh. He was 8 yrs older to my 21. Taught me how to camp & be outdoors, we climbed mountains & ignited incredible passion under remote sunsets. He laughed at my chaos & insecurity. He surprised me one Valentines with a 5 mile hike in a blizzard to the perfect cabin where every amenity & could want was met. A passionate lover, exciting, subtle - would let me know exactly what he wanted, I was happy to oblige! But his distractions & absences left me thinking = not committed. One day out of blue - marriage??? I really missed that boat & my ship had already left the dock

Capricorn woman/ Pisces man:

Pisces man was 10 yrs to my cap 24. he taught me a new idea every day, motivated me, loved me with a life plan that we both happily worked on until all hours of the night & ending in bed talking. Was my best friend. He took initiative that I hate d& loved. .Was in law enforcement & worked out every day. Structured. Reliable, Dependable - this was the top 10 - should have been paradise! I could set my watch by him. He was a solid, upstanding citizen, took no risk. We weren't honest with each other. I screamed inside what I could not tell him - that he rocked! That I wanted more freedom & risk !!! DID I please him???? He took me to his family, he taught me freedom of motorcylces & speed & adrenaline. His patience was from the gods. His sex- not so hot. I always felt like I'd let him down- at best done 'my chores'. Horrible split took 10 yrs to get over.

Capricorn woman/ Scorpio man:

He was 3 yrs younger than Cap woman. 26 Was a f*kd up mess this man was when we met.. good golly ! I rejected him 6 or 7 times, but his persistence & real effort to please me, warranted a another chance. His only redemption was to shut up & be submissive on demand Oh I ran scorpio thru hells gates & back & he hung on for the ride- he adapted, he learned & eventually thrived under my steady & soon to be predictable behavior he'd laugh off with a shrug. This infuriating match had the most amazing sexual chemistry I'd encountered. He was bold in that arena - and the BOLD won my seduction complete. Woke in the morning wondering what the heck happened He seemed to love being bit*chd out daily laugh & say I was paying attention to ALL his details, and I truly was EVERY FRKIN DETAIL !!!!!!!!

Every paycheck, Every smoke, every phone call obsessive.. he loved that I could report all to him & he'd work magic - it was an argumentative, hot, sexy, infuriating experience It was a negative for me. He cleaned up from a heroin addiction, got a job & became a worthwhile citizen. NO MORE SCORPIOS!

Capricorn woman 28 / Taurus man:

He was 7 yrs younger- big big kahunas, DAMN. To this day I bow to the Taurus man Mr. Extreme sport. Mr. Body - god damn that body was something - I loved massaging him for hours - he didn't complain. Mr. Bull in China- I never had a doubt I was WITH the TAURUS GUY he'd track me down in a heartbeat & show me off like jewelry, so he was specific about my dress, style,. Smell, everything.. it wasn't a tall order.. it turned him on We worked extremely well together I became his coach, photographer & statistician for all his dirt-bike racing so obvious add COMPETITIVE - ( had to be BIG GUY ON THE PEDESTAL woo woo - fan club needed cap gals 24/7!!)

and if he won- well, we all know what that would mean camped with I him, prepped the gear & bike (us Cap gals can get mechanical if I have too and in turn he let me ride his BABY in fact taught me to handle his - #1 baby - his bike - I think he cheated on me with the dirt bike hmmmm ! not to be taken lightly this man lead me to the edge of the cliff in experience of life

He was sex-on-demand guy .. like hey Hun- Pizza, thump, on the kitchen counter . Or ?? Hi hun I got the bike done & bam, in the back side of the 4x4 at his parent house and ?? naked on his patio overlooking in the city one hot hot summer night neighbors in view hmmm he just didn't care- he was like showing off huge arrogance-sexy-secure.. magnetic & deadly but just as quickly as he'd done the deed, still covered in love sweat he'd walk away turn on the computer & play wizard games explaining to me his character elf he bought for $2 K that was in a real time war ( whatever dude!) so I unplugged the computer & 'unplugged' my life with Taurus

Capricorn woman 30 Aquarian on Pisces cusp

WOW! what a mental moral mind bend this guy was! A fireman awesome BOD!!! Training physical therapist - & insisted on personal massage . He cooked, he was clean he was organized. He hiked & challenged me. He paid dad support for his former life.

His kids had discipline.. he ROCKED!!! Sex- OMG !! Rocked ! rocked & rocked a lot !! more ?? OMG!! Too much sex??!!!! YIKES this is beyond my repertoire

OMG!!! This is it! But nooooooooooooo was honest to tell me he wanted sex with no ties ??? No ties/ like none? Like what happens if I like YOU- don't; like me he said across from a hot tub & champagne . So this naked wet cap-ass left for higher ground total let down!

At 40 I get this guy but at the time YIKES!!! - why bother!!! How Casanova!

Capricorn Woman 34/ Aquarian man 7 yrs younger

Way f*kd up mess this lost soul was upon arrival. He adapted instantly to LAW & ORDER of my world & demands, but in doing so had so many emotional riptides that it was a long, draining, stormy sea. Rollercoaster, love U, hate U love U hate U , love U hate U! Drunk, Police, DUI's, therapy, restraining orders.. moved, email, re-connect, Love u Hate U .

Capricorn signed off with gross abandonment - Aquarian shows up on doorstep with roses Capricorn sucked In trying to find a 2nd chance on effort.. gets burned biug time.. & says nasty things - SPEAKS MIND YIKES!!!! Aquarian smashes Cap car in garage & leaves YIKES !!! CAP was torn as this was so against the policy- took Years of self soul - searching to figure out why this mess started . Reset guards & shields, now no man will enter these gates!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmm. Jaded princes era begins.

Singed off life & went solo 5 yrs.

Capricorn woman/ Sagittarius guy

Cap gal does intensive research prior to commitment., Sag is 15 yrs young. Pose so real threat- just stupid!!!! Can't relate. Sag persistence is unprecedented. # yrs of negative 'just friends' he keeps coming back for more. Mostly punishment . He wanted support., he wanted freedom. He wanted to be accepted as himself he wanted me to value him.. I criticized. I challenged him. I wanted a statement of his devotion- he went silent. He said I should know from his action how he felt, and I was at a loss.. we felt like a perpetual 1 nt stand. No security. His loyalty tome was not in question but our moments if actual happiness were limited to motorcycle rides at 100 mph+ , his competition with me constant - & bored me, uneducated, he offered me no mental challenge his tenacity - became my toy. He silence of months at a time spoke volumes as far as I was concerned.. I hated him for abandonment issues. I was tainted, sorry my Sag friend.

I drove him to Texas & to joint the military just to prove to me his sense of honor was real . He was deployed to Afghanistan Sept 2008 & hasn't send word since. Sag laid a heavy burden on Cap. Now woman at 40 says he's free to choose his path. It not my problem.

Capricorn woman 42/ Aries Guy 46

odds not in our favor statistically. Aries however - in latter yrs providing unparalleled security to me. A generous lover. He says he need to be #1 in all aspects & expect to be treated as such so far I can't find a reason not to indulge him . Most of my biases we discussed on 1st date- open, candid, forthright, honest- just cards on the table- hey here is what I'm about how about you!??! Was a great night!! Found our balance even where ewe choose to disagree- he added humor to my stubborn ways & appreciates my prudence & caution- applauds me & tells me he can use it - give a callout when He needs to be reined in!! at least its eyes wide open !! Aries had a definite plan WOOO WOO!!! Good job man ! Has patience in sexuality that blows the mind- he hunts & will get what he wants - so Cap woman feels testing waters of change is a good thing. Hard to say where all this will go mostly he wants me to be myself- he wants me to unleash the woman that has laid dormant- and at 40 something- that's the best news I've heard all day ! loves me fiercely he says . YIKES !!!

at 40 Capricorn woman is coming into herself - what do I fear? Really? I have common sense, I have emotional substance. I have passion I have capacity for love, justice, fairness, honor integrity & success. I know what I want, I stalk it. I won't relent, I won't derail I won't compromise my values. I am a handful only the brave will understand.. and I fall for not weak soul. Arian god - prepare for battle & glory ! LOL ! not for everyone, I'm ok with that, solo appeals as much as lover for my sole pleasure, as I provide for all else in my life. I don't need a man. I choose to accept you into my life for company, companionship- to be worthy of me. To be my alpha & omega.

The only question to All men at my 40+ is "CAN YOU STAND THE INTENSITY OF MY PASSION?"

Talk to me - in poetry, spoil me, in bubble baths, love me in small notes & gestures meant only for me, speak to me with truth & honesty- even that hard info will bear my discretion - for you, if that's what you want. Caps mate for life, but often can't get there. So the individual becomes the matriarch, nuturing, caring, tolerant of all things.

Mistress to many - owned by none.

So we shall see

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