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Welcome to Compatible Astrology Search. Wondering where exactly we talked about Aries men having trouble understanding Libra women? Can't remember which pages mention Aquarius and sex?

I'm sure you know how to use these type of search boxes, but just in case... If you're searching for all articles, questions and experiences that mention Aquarius women, enter "Aquarius women" (no quotes) into the search box and click Search.

Please note that your search results page will have ads ABOVE the actual search results. Those are not from this site, but may be of interest, since Google targets the ads to your particular search.

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If you have an astrology question on your relationship which isn't answered anywhere you can also send it in for an answer... Ask an astrology question

If you have a more general question on this site, or a suggestion for an article or feature please feel free to contact me with it

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