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Self confidence

This page is a collection of self confidence building resources. If you know of others not listed please feel free to send me a note of them and I'll get them added.

Self confidence courses

Self confidence can be a key factor in how attractive you are to others, and therefore also a key to successful dating and relationships. For that reason it's a subject which is almost always lumped together with seduction.

A quick warning - The statistics for buying self help books of any kind indicate that something like 90% of them are never completed.

If you purchase this type of self help book, please use it and finish it! You absolutely must take action to get any benefit from them. You don't get any results just from owning the thing!

Procrastination is a silent killer and the last thing I want is for people to email me complaining how the eBooks I recommend didn't work, even though they didn't actually read it or take action on use it!

These type of books do work, if you commit yourself to using them. It's not a fast or easy process to change your life - you have to put some effort into them. The more effort you put in the greater your results will be.

With that said, there's a ton of seduction courses out there, and here are the ones which have been reviewed and found both practical and realistic - the best courses on the subject so far.

astrology compatibility astrology compatibility

How to be irresistable to men / women
A thorough course aimed at boosting self-confidence and attractiveness. Available in one version for men, and one for women (by different authors).

astrology compatibility

Men made easy
Respected relationship expert, Kara Oh, teaches women how to get a man to fall in love.

"If you've ever wondered what the single most important skill is for creating a deeply loving, passionate relationship, that when mastered, would single-handedly cause your love life to completely turn around, I would tell you, without a doubt – it's the ability to use the power you already have, as a woman, over any man you want to influence." - Honest and powerful advice.

seduction ebook

The ugly mans guide to getting laid
Featuring the classic line "How to attract and seduce women, even if you're uglier than a goat", this book offers practical advice written in a very laid back and tongue in cheek manner (it's not for those who are easily offended!) On the other hand this style allows for blunt and practical delivery of some solid information.

Aimed strictly at a male audience it features a lot of ladies in various stages of undress - presumably to keep your motivation high while working through the course.

Recommended self confidence building websites

If you're looking for general information on building self confidence, check out Jesse Allens awesome site - it's full of down to earth tips and advice on how to build self confidence.

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