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Understand Aquarius men

Hi, I am engaged to a fantastic Aquarius man. And here I am looking for advice too. I read quite a few of the posts looking for tips to keep the sex life going (which really isn't all that bad right now). I didn't find anything.

He says I understand him better than anyone he has ever met so I might be able to help a little. I did most of these things on accident. I have my Sag mother to thank for the rest:

1. Assume the relationship will always be platonic and date others in the beginning. Just don't talk about it unless he asks.

When we met it was on online. We talked for several months before we met face to face. Neither of us flirted at all online, very intellectual and platonic. He says that got him right away. Even though I had NO idea.

2. When he does show interest, don't be too easy.

Go on a adventure date during the day, flirt your ass off being funny, and then leave him to go out with friends at night. He will really respect that. "I'm just too busy to have sex with you today..."

3. Bring conversation pieces with you when you see him.

I don't know why I did this but I put together a few things I love in a bag to show him. -But I waited until he asked before I showed him. I brought a sketch pad, a book about unorthodox investment opportunities, a flyer from a play I was in and an alternative history book for him I thought he would like. He says this really turned him on.

4. Never ever ever talk about commitment! -even a year into it.

I happen to have a fear of marriage even though I am loyal. I think this worked in my favor overall. (I still do and am in counseling to get over it). I just don't understand the whole process, but I think this actually makes him want to marry me more.

5. Let him reinvent himself every day.

Pretend he is a new person with new ideas everyday. Don't hold him to any promises or thoughts. I know this sounds strange but as soon as you settle in on one, it will change- I promise!. I love him for it. Routine drives me crazy. If you allow him to love poetry one day and then hate it the next- he will feel free. My fiance's ability to genuinely change his mind is stunning at times. -But his core values haven't changed yet. (worded carefully).

6. Give him his freedom!

More specifically, take your own freedom and keep busy so you are not worrying about him having freedom. If he even senses you are sitting brooding about him it will turn him off.

Also, The freedom to change his mind, and the freedom to travel are far more important to him than physical freedom with others.

7. Keep revealing small new things about you on a regular basis, but don't ever let him think he knows everything.

He will instantly get bored. But this is easily solved. Do something opposite he thinks you will do, and invite him. If anything he will keep you living a full life whether you like it or not.

I hope this is helping.

8. Don't categorize him at all.

If you really want to piss him off, tell him that he is acting a certain way because he is an Aquarius.

He'll probably stop it instantly, or he'll drop you without warning.- or both.

9. Acknowledge it when he tries really hard at something.

I can't express this enough. Once he knows he loves you, he will not stop try to do everything he thinks he should AS LONG AS YOU TELL HIM YOU NOTICE IT. If you don't, he will say fuck this hard work.

10. MOST IMPORTANT! -Don't ask him his opinion unless you want it.

-that's all I can say. -you've been warned.

When it comes to attraction, he loves a funny intellectual flirts- especially when other guys seem interested. It's a careful balance though, he needs to know you are with him. If you hold his hand, tell him he is wonderful (sincerely! -he hates insincerity), and be just charming as hell with the guy next to you- he will be all over you. -But be warned, he is better at that game than you could ever hope to be. He will win. We play this game when we travel where we go out and flirt with other people making up ridiculous stories about what we do for a living. It's stupid I know, but lots of fun. We are thirty-somethings but make an effort to act like children at times.

Well, again- hope this helps. I am four months pregnant right now. He wanted a family very badly. You want to know how he let me know he wanted to marry me before he asked? He said, "Woman. You know I will never marry you right?" I said, "sure babe. How about if we get engaged one day and never get married. You can just keep asking me for twenty years and I can keep saying yes." He looked me in the eyes and began to tear telling me how much he loved me. I actually was fine with this. -He asked me to marry him two weeks later, but he meant it, wants a traditional wedding and all.

I have no doubt I want to be with him forever, but I still think a 30 year engagement is a better idea. After all, he is an Aquarius man.

P.S. I forgot to say something. I am a TAURUS! So don't take the whole sun sign thing too seriously. I am supposed to be most compatible with cancers, virgos, capricorns and pisces. I'll tell you that cancer men are often attractive to me, but their self centered worlds tend to bore me after a couple months. The virgos I dated were either too feminine or too materialistic, capricorns kind of make me feel anxious and trapped right away for some reason, and if I point out any one man in a crouded room I think is least attractive- he is usually a pisces. Do a personal chart because even though our sun signs are the worst combination ever, everything else is perfectly aligned. We are still very happy and very much in love.

-Good luck in love,

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I am a Scorpio woman in the beginning stages with a wonderful Aquarius man. We met online and are just getting to know one another. This is helpful information. Thanks for taking the time to post. Congratulations on your engagement and your pregnancy. Best wishes.


I love you for all your thoughts and feedback and i don't even know you thanks for all the suggestions. Wow.. this is going to be fun filled ride.. Crzy i know ..Congrates best wishes and good health.

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