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Dating and Date ideas

This page is a collection of resources related to dating - my own articles, together with books and websites recommended by other visitors. If you know of others not listed please feel free to send me a note of them and I'll get them added.

Date ideas

Anyone can go to a restaurant or the movies, however more imaginative dates can be cheaper, more fun and far more memorable. If you're nervous they can also distract both of you and take much of the pressure off. It's a win:win to try something more exotic.

More than one guy (and gal!) has captured the heart of an otherwise unobtainable partner through ingenuity in this area. Everyone appreciates a partner who puts some thought and effort into a date - whether it's your first or 500th.

There was a time when I listed date ideas, but I had a book recommended which does a better job of it, and in a more convenient format..

dating ideas

300 Creative Dates
This is a book listing 300 romantic, unique and fun ideas for dates, for both singles and married couples. This isn't 'fly to Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel tower' type nonsense - most dates listed cost under $20.

Written by relationship expert Michael Webb, who has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows including Oprah, CNN and Fox News.

Dating by astrology sign

Most of my seduction articles include tips on where to go and what to do on first dates.

How to seduce an Aries
How to seduce a Taurus
How to seduce a Gemini
How to seduce a Cancer
How to seduce a Leo
How to seduce a Virgo
How to seduce a Libra
How to seduce a Scorpio
How to seduce a Sagittarius
How to seduce a Capricorn
How to seduce an Aquarius
How to seduce a Pisces

Recommended dating related websites

Queen of relationships
A humorous blog giving detailed and practical dating advice.

Love your boyfriend
An online boyfriend guide for women: relationship basics, tips and advice, gift ideas...Learn the secrets of creating an amazing relationship with your man. Expand your capacity to love.

Simplified dating
A step by step guide to simplify dating, so that you can focus on the most important issue: finding the right partner for you.

Dating Beautiful Women
Helping all men attracting, seducing and dating the women of their dreams.

Dating and relationship advice for women
A content rich site with a lot of practical dating advice.

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