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Leo man Libra woman advice

Leo man Libra woman advice forum - visitor comments, experiences and questions

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Leo man Libra woman advice

I'm a Libra woman and I met a Leo man about five months ago... I'm sooo in love with him!!! We met at a club and I think I fell in love with him the first time our eyes met! I have never met anyone like him. its like I knew him in my past life or something's whenever I don't talk to him my hear aches sooo bad. He had just gotten out of relationship and I did too so we didn't want to jump into one. But I'm in love and cant resist him. I am crazy in love with him.. We haven't talked and two days but he keeps assuring me that everything is ok and that he is being honest with me. He also says that he hates the fact that I don't believe him....ahhhhh! I don't know what to do

I LOVE him soo much and can't picture life without him! Leo men I need some advice!

Leo man Libra woman advice

im a Libra girl and my manager is a Leo man. we work together almost everyday when my eyes meet him I feel such a strong chemistry. I think he does too but he's engaged and nothings been said. I think about him a hell of a lot and dream about him all the time iv never felt like this before. some advice???

Leo man Libra woman advice

I'm a Leo male that is completely infatuated with a Libra lady! I can't stop thinking about her no matter how hard I try! I feel we have such a strong chemistry and deep understanding of the inner workings of each other. She is beautiful in everyway inside and out and has such a knack on dealing with me. This beautiful Libra lady is a true Lion tamer and can make me do pretty much anything she wants me to do! Yet because I know she has such a wonderful heart she would never abuse that power. I always feel at my best when I'm around her, and I believe I bring out the best in her as well! Though I know she will never admit to it!

The one main problem is were both currently in relationships! She has been with someone for 5 years or so, and I've been in a relationship for over a year now. No matter what I do I can't stop thinking about this Libra even when I'm with my girlfriend. I know I'm being very selfish because I choose to stay in this relationship to not be lonely and to help me stop thinking about my Libra! People often say Leo males are usually players and flirts but it's not true! We are looking for our one true love to give the world to! I would do anything for this Libra I have never felt so strongly about anyone ever! I would gladly suffer anything for her just so she wouldn't feel one bit of pain. I'm so confused because there is so much I want to tell her but I know I can't! I know she already knows I feel strongly about her but I have never told her how I truly feel about her. Even though I can't stand the guy she is currently with I do respect her enough to not put her in any awkward s situations. I know he does not care for as I do! I know he takes her for granted and if often quite negative to her. He's Virgo male and from what I read they can be quite harsh. Not to say all Virgo's are this way but he seems to fit the profile! I sometimes think he stays with her because she is so convenient for him! He never see's her during the week and often times may only see her once during the weekend. She's usually at school all day Monday thru Friday and study's a lot during the weekend. Yet I find no excuse for him because if he cared for her like I did I would make every effort to see her everyday no matter how far she is and if only for a few minutes to hold her in my arms. The few times I've been around this Virgo I can already tell he lies and is manipulative and yet my Libra being as smart as she is does not see it! I have never attacked him or say anything bad about him to her. I just want her to figure it out on her own because I know that's what it would take for her to move on from him!

Can anyone provide any advise if any in this situation? I'm going to continue to be patient and will do everything to always show her the best of me because even though were just friends I do feel our connection growing and growing every time were around each other. The last thing I want to do is to ruin any progress I may have earned up to this point by scaring her away with my feelings towards her. I just hope one day I will have the chance to be with her because I will spend everyday working to make her happy in every way possible! If what I read is true and from my personal experience with a Libra to this point, the Leo Libra combination is truly amazing! We compliment each other's positive and negative traits perfectly and always bring out the best in each other!

Leo man Libra woman advice

im a Libra girl and I use to work with a Leo man he was my team leader supervisor I guess. we both worked together for at least a couple of years and almost everyday when my eyes meet him for the first time I felt such a strong chemistry with him and we both hit it off but I think he felt the same too but he has a girlfriend or now engaged and nothing had been said I later found out, but I think about him a hell of a lot and dream about him all the time iv never felt like this before and I can't help it. some advice???

Leo man Libra woman advice

Why is it that Libra's so attracted to Leo's that we end up dreaming about them and the one we want we can't have them? and that you want them so badly it hurts to much and you do everything possible to see them again! I am in love with this Leo man and have always since I have laid eyes on him I knew there was something about him I liked and that he might be the 1 I am meant to be with! I have known him for like 4 to 5 years and haven't seem him for like 2 and it's driving me nutters that I will never see him again, I can't stop thinking about him and I dream about him now and then and wish it was real! cos I miss his touch so much, it hurts me that I will never see him again, I want to be with him and that hardest thing is we both in a relationship. what should I do! I think him and me were to keep it going but things got in the way of us doing that cos we both in relationships, any advice?????

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Leo man Libra woman advice

To the second to last Leo guy to comment, I'm a Libra girl [16 years old and proud] if you love this Libra woman then wait patiently for her, she will eventually figure it out, but she WILL hesitate to break up with her boyfriend because she will not want to hurt any possible feelings he may have or because she may still love him.

Listen carefully, if you want to find out her reaction as to what she may say if you confess to her in this stage, then ask her, in private, how she would react if one of her male friends told her that he has loved her for a long time, and so on and so forth, you'll be able to understand where to go from there. [the reason why I won't give you any further advice from here is because not all Libras are the same, that's why I don't want to point you in the wrong direction].

Good luck and let me know how it goes. ;)


Leo man Libra woman advice

"my Leo doesn't show much affection and does things I don't understand. he says one thing and does another. I love him but we fight a lot should I stay or should move on?"

Sweetheart, just tell him how you feel, I did just that with my Scorpio man and it worked for me.

Look at it this way, if you don't take action, you will begin to doubt even more and you may make a decision that may hurt you and him beyond the point of recovery, so just tell him how you feel in a private, quite place, the worst that could happen is finding something not worth committing to, no matter how much you love him, there are plenty of fish in the sea, you'll find your perfect guy if it's not already the Leo you love.

Who knows? Maybe he was just unsure of where he stood with you and telling him your feelings will help smooth things over.

Let me know how things go, Libra'sAngel27

Leo man Libra woman advice

Last Friday, I went out with a Leo man. We talked for eight months on the computer, but this was the first time we met in real life. I have to say: first I doubted it, but now I really miss him, his way of living: he is so honest en very respectful, I really admire that (as a Libra woman). He is also calm, gently, charming, nice, friendly and especially helpful. Now I'm really curious about our future...

But if I read the comments above, I'm happy...:)

Leo man Libra woman advice

"lately though I might be screwing it up with my jealous insecurities :( I went through his phone the other day and he was super pissed said I really crossed the line. I feel so bad about it now and I want to fix it. Any help Leo men?"

I'm a Leo man and yes, you can fix this quite easily Ms. Libra.

As you all know Leos have tempers. But that doesn't make Leo men bad people. I see it as passion. As a Leo man, I can tell you wonderful Libra women, that Leo men are so passionate, very open and lust for life. Nothing hidden with us! Especially with those Libra women we love!

Let your Leo man cool down (because like most people they need time and space when upset). Then shower him with affection and words of love. Like someone joked in a book "shower a Leo with confidence and even if cheesy, they won't care... the Leo's ego rules".

Understand that with any relationship, trust is something a Leo man demands, going into your Leo-Man's personal stuff is bad. Ask, and he usually comply and show you and open EVERYTHING UP to you (True love is like that).

Not to worry we Leo men LOVE our Libra women!

Leo man Libra woman advice

"im a Libra girl and my manager is a Leo man. we work together almost everyday when my eyes meet him I feel such a strong chemistry. I think he does too but he's engaged and nothings been said. I think about him a hell of a lot and dream about him all the time iv never felt like this before. some advice???"

Dear Libra Girl,

I'm a Leo man, and we Leo men LOVE Libras (that is for sure)! However, don't ruin his relationship/engagement it wouldn't be right. Plus his fiancee might be a great upstanding lady worth love too. Your Leo manager may really like you and even secretly love you, but a Leo is rock solid loyal and would probably stay with his fiancee. Maybe you could talk to him and see how healthy his relationship is with his fiancee. Do not reveal your feelings. You could be his closest friend too... (I have had several Libra women friends that I could not replace).

NOT TO WORRY: There are so many great Leo men out there, that are looking for you awesome Libra women!

I cannot say enough good things about Libra ladies! You are gold! Bless you!

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Leo man Libra woman advice

im a Libra girl and I worked with guy who was my team leader he is a Leo man. we worked together almost everyday for 2 years when my eyes first meet him I felt such a strong chemistry between us. I think he does too but he's engaged I think now and nothings been said. I think about him a hell of a lot and dream about him all the time I've never felt like this before with any guy and some day I would love to come across him 1 day. it also feels like I have known him like a past life or I have known him for ever, please some advice????

Leo man Libra woman advice

I am a Libra woman who used to work with a Leo man who was my supervisor/team leader. when I first met him I felt a strong connection and I had fallen for him so deeply. I could taste it and feel like there is something between us. We use to look at each other deeply in each others eyes sometimes and I forget what I was doing. I think about and dream about him too frequently and it hurts me that I can't have him as he has a girlfriend but the thing is he did show interest. We got along quite well back then I wish it was still the same now. He was funny and always made me laugh and we use to have a lot of fun. We like similar things in like music and adventure. I had move to a different place and this was weird I had just moved into a place just not far from him and I think it scared him abit cos he found that out, but I didn't realize my self till I knew where he lived! he use to be so generous and good to me. We use to fight sometimes at work because he was very col d and selfish and demanding. I use to mad and try and talk myself out of being so strongly attracted to him, but I couldn't help it, Sometimes he use to surprise me with his fav song that he played for me every morning on how he felt, I loved it when he use to do that! Its a horrible feeling... but it felt good! I wasn't myself around him because I feel like I have to maintain a professional manner at work but I always felt shy and wonderful around him. I didn't want anyone to let on that I have these massive feelings for him. It was so damn hard to keep these feeling hiding. Although I felt like there was something really strong between the both of us, I wasn't sure if he felt the same way. I could simply be reading into him just being a really nice person well that's what I thought of him being. but I was so conflicted and felt like I needed to focus all of my energy somewhere else he turned out to be a waste of time, but I seriously can't stop thinking about him. What to do? I am really helpless and he wanted me, people could see there was something going on between us, but cos he is half Italian he he is selfish and stubborn and very moody at times and we use to argue like cats and dogs sometimes, I try not to help it by biting back..... but he has also turned into a real snob! so I have no idea what to do, I think I should forget about him and he can live the life he has of being like that, I am still very attracted to him and I can't stop thinking about him, there is something about him I can't stop myself from..... and I thought Leo's loves Libra's, from my eye, they are just users..... I wish I didn't had to think like this, but that's how I feel about this guy..... I wish he only knew how I really feel about him and that he could see it.

Leo man Libra woman advice

I'm a Libra I just broke up with my Leo, I do not know What should I do ,I believe that he need some space and maybe I was toooo much on him...SO I decide to end it ,while in fact I still want him so much we are not talking now, he found me online and we have a general talk , but I end it told him "I have to go ,t.c and bye"

Well he is with me at the same college, and at the same group..... collage will start soon I have no idea how im going to act should I keep it in limited and smiled and had a light conversation or what!!! I need a way to make him feel that he really want me to back to him.....I really need your help guys!! what you think I should do!! Thank you

Leo man Libra woman advice

I am a Libra girl and work with a Leo man. His in a relationship but there has been an instant chemistry between us since we met around 7 months ago. The other night we was out drinking and one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. I felt bad afterwards, I think he felt guilty too which made it worse. I was worried that we shouldnt have done it as it would make things awkward between us. But since it happend he hasnt stopped calling me, texting and e mailing me, he has been asking me all sorts of questions about my life and paying me loads of compliments and generally just being really nice. Why is he being like this? I really feel like Im just a heartbeat away from falling in love with him. Its a really messy situation as I don't want to hurt his current partner. I thought if he just blanks me after this then that will be that and we just wouldnt speak much again. Im very confused. Im just drawn to him and am able to talk to him for hours about not hing. I don't know whether to pursue this as I think it could be great or just stop it now before it goes any further.

Help!! what should I do??

Leo man Libra woman advice

I'm a triple Libra currently in a relationship with a Leo man. He truly is one of the "good men out there" that your friends and family tell you about. With that being said, its safe to say we are in second base. We've already fallin for each other. It was love at first sight for me. He's professed his love to me and he already hopes to move (they really do love to get away) to another state once I graduate college. Verbalizing his acceptance of a long term relationship with me. Now we're in the period where we're taking the time to build trust, honesty and understanding, so that these qualities in our relationship are deep and not vain assumptions. So I'll give my advice for all of the Leo and Libra lovers out there.

1. One thing I had to learn how to do is not be turned off by his snobbiness, because to him thats not what it is. When he gets in those moods, try and understand why he feels that way. Libras are objective thinkers so this is easy for us. More easy than we think.

2. He really is the type that wants to take the time to see if a relationship is worth going long term. His stance is, "I give my all in relationships, so I have to know if that person is worth it before I give all of my heart" This is very true in my experience. It's extremely cute if you think about it. You'll compliment them or get all mushy and (since we're air signs) you can sense that you just hit his body with some intensity that he isnt ready to articulate. But he'll be going through the days remembers those things about you and the impact. don't TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED, HE IS STILL THE KING! Meaning, he still wants to be in control, so don't think that because you can captivate him naturally that you have to go to to be bossy, because you dont. Moving on lol...

3. Yes they are bossy, but it is always out of concern for you if he really cares about you. With us being lazy at times, he recognizes that and will start to set deadlines and plans to meet goals. LOVE THIS, don't deny it! Remember, Leo and libras have a sextile aspect. This means that they hold qualities that the other admires. Yes, he just told you (hypthetically) that you cant see better because you wont schedule a eye doctor appointment, while proceeding to visualize a calendar in his mind. If these situations make you uncomfortable and want to start passively debating, remember...Leos are quick minded in this aspect because this is their normal mindset, whereas libras have to talk themselves into this type of stuff lol. So admire this in him and use the sextile energy to aspire to be more like that. He'll love the fact that you're growing. He's looking at things he admires about you as well.

4. If he's lies...dont get to upset. Us being libras we want to go off balance and get in "dont you ever lie to me again mode"....if he fabricated the truth just peacefully ask him. Again, don't ask him about the situation until you are in a state of peace! "Baby you said that you didn't buy the but that wasnt true. You don't have lie to me, you know I don't like arguing and I wont try to. Any disagreements we have we'll work them out with open and peaceful communication"....boom. That should give him something to reflect on. He's try it...because normally they arent the type to be so peaceful about someone misusing their trust. They'll admire how you handled it and if they love you they wont take it for granted. More than likely bringing it up in a conversation again about why they love you for things such as that.

Last but not least...


Yes the sex is mind blowing, off the chain... all that

With that being said, if this relationship is serious...balance out the sex please lol. Personally I don't like having sex until I know that this is the permanent one who I'm willing to teach and be taught from. So if you've started off in a crazy sex fiasco slloooww down. You're going tooooo fast! He'll take every bit of it yes, but will he respect you as much? Will you trust him as much? don't think so. Take your time ladies and gentlemen and you'll have your life long partner.

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