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Leo man Libra woman dating

Leo man Libra woman dating forum - visitor comments, experiences and questions

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Leo man Libra woman dating

I'm a female Libra and my ex boyfriend was a male Leo. We did not match well. We met in a club where we both worked. Quickly he had me under his spell. His humor was just what you needed after a hard day fending off drunken jerks at the club.

We tried to keep our relationship a secret since we worked together and our contracts forbid it. We also knew if it came down to it he would be the one fired because females brought in the money and the male bouncers protected the girls.

Soon people started to find out they would see us together at the bar or shopping at our favorite stores. Erik seemed to love being with me no matter what I was doing. We ended up rarely leaving the hotel room where I lived. The sex was so fabulous we rarely made it out of bed in time for work.

After dating Erik for a month we moved in together in a house he knew of. To my surprise it was next to his mothers who he was still living with! I also discovered his truck that he drove to my place was hers and it was taken without permission.

I stupidly choose to ignore these warning signs. Next things seemed to crumble around me. His friends moved in and Erik lost his job. I was paying and buying everything. I was raising two adult boys that refused to work! In the end I was hospital with my arm fractured in two places after a fight with Erik where I told him I was leaving.

Leo man Libra woman dating

I have known my Leo man for years now. Although, we were jest friends, I always felt that strong chemistry. He was the first to tell he loved me, and he always told me that he loves me. One day I decided to see what he meant by that. Well, now we are dating. The sex is great. I can't stop fantasizing about him, but he is easily offended, and it seems as if he responds better when I give him a compliment. At the same time I do find it hard for him to be honest about what is bothering him. He is a quiet a Leo. I feel as if this man was made for me.

Leo man Libra woman dating

I would definitely like to hear more on how a Leo man feels about a Libra woman.. I am Libra and just met a Leo man and he is just a delight to be around.

At first kinda soft spoken but his confidence is so intimidating, he's direct and we can talk a lot when we are together. When we first met I was very confident because he was cute and younger, and not that I'm manipulative, I just like to get my way. But he really surprised me at how blunt he is & his initiative, and now I want him sooo bad! lol

Leo man Libra woman dating

I am dating a Leo married man. I don't know how we ended up making love. The problem is that like the other comments, I find him extremely comparable sexually with me. I cannot believe this man arouse me just by kissing me. When with him, we cannot stop kissing and making love. I feel so different with him than with other men in the past. Our chemistry is beyond imagination. I want to stop seeing him because it is wrong. However, my desires for him are stronger than my own will. And by the way, I am forty-seven years old and he is only 31. What a mismatched...

Leo man Libra woman dating

I am a Libra woman and I am currently dating a Leo man. We were friends for seven months, before he texted me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I am 26 years old and he is 24 and I must say that I am soo in love with this man. He makes me happy and their is not a minute of the day that I don't think about him, he is my best friend.

Even when we argue, which is quite often because I have trust issues stemming from a bad relationship in the past, he understands and constantly assures me that he will never hurt me. One of his jobs I believe is making me happy and I must tell you it is a wonderful feeling. So, Libra women be patient with the Leo man because they like to be sure that the time they are investing is worth every bit that goes into a serious and solid relationship.

He recently told me that he was in love with me, and to be honest I felt like a little kid again. He is my better half, and everyday I am constantly trying to work on my issues and realize that the man I have been praying for is right in front of me. He has me doing circles, I stay smiling, my heart no longer has pain but joy. He is my everything, and I pray that GOD allows us to continue this journey together because their is nothing like a connection mentally, physically and emotionally. I've found my match. So, to those who may have doubts, be patient because it may take months even years, believe me its worth every minute.

Oh How I Love This Man!!

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Leo man Libra woman dating

I am a Libra woman. My first boyfriend was a Leo, I thought he was the one at the time we had our future all planned out together, we got way too serious too fast. I met a Cancer who took me away from my Leo. The Cancer was a mess and even though we got along great, we had serious issues we would never be able to work through. He broke up with me. I liked a Leo man at my work for 6 months daydreamed about being with him, one day he asked me out, now we've been dating for 10 months and its a dream come true. Were living together now and were so happy I love him so much, lately though I might be screwing it up with my jealous insecurities :( I went through his phone the other day and he was super pissed said I really crossed the line. I feel so bad about it now and I want to fix it. Any help Leo men?

Leo man Libra woman dating

I have been dating a Leo man, 16 years younger than me. I am a Libra, and like the other people, I have been drawn by him in an unexplainable way. I cannot believe I feel what I feel for him. He touches me, and melts me immediately. I want to leave him because he is too young and his level of academic education is way below mine. He has terrible manner and I'm extremely fuzzy. However, when we are alone, I forget my surrounding and give in almost immediately. Our sex is great, perfect. I should say, beyond perfect.

Leo man Libra woman dating

I'm a Libra woman dating a Leo man. Ah, they're always so beautiful... you can see their sunshine in their skin, right? Leo's are very paternal, it seems to me; that bossy nature makes for a great leadership and parenting quality. My Leo is very confident, sensual and honest with me... it's been several months, but he STILL gets nervous when we kiss and make love. It really does feel like I've known him in another life... or maybe it's just that I've been waiting for him; he's everything I've ever wanted.

The accolades and praise definitely help, but it's not that I'm deliberately feeding his ego! I can't help it, he's beautiful to me in every way... We're both going to our respective colleges, mine being out-of-state... I just hope that phenomenal chemistry we felt on our first meeting will remain when we see each other again. I'm in love with him. x

Leo man Libra woman dating


I am a Libra woman currently in a relationship with a Leo man. We have been dating for about two months and it seems like everything is perfect. He calls me regularly throughout the day, we never argue, we love joking around with each other, we see each other every other week, and when I'm with him, it's like nothing else matters. I feel like we compliment each other very well, but there is one issue.

I feel like our relationship is moving too fast. He already told me he loves me and as a Libra I loved to hear this but I began to think, can he really fall in love with me this quickly? Of course I said I love you back to him and I do mean it, just probably not as deeply as he does. But, that's the thing. DOES HE MEAN IT????

Every time we see each other we tend to fool around a bit. We haven't had sex, but he tells me how much he wants to regularly. I'm not a shy Libra , but I am a little timid to have sex because I don't want to ruin the relationship. I try to tell him to simmer down by dropping little hints every now and then. He has no problem confessing his emotions towards me and I have to admit that I love it.

I do tend to become a little jealous though. Naturally, as a Leo man he tends to get a lot of attention from women. Now I don't mind this because as humans people do flirt. And I don't know maybe im being paranoid, but last night I was looking at a comment someone (a Scorpio) left him. Me being curious I decided to see what he had said in response. He called her sexy etc. stuff like that. Now this made me angry. I don't like having my heart being toyed with. If he's going to flirt that's fine, but I felt like this was going a lil too far.

He just seems so perfect, I would never imagine him cheating. Is he straying away? If so, why? What can I do to stop this from happening? Or am I just a paranoid mess? I really like this man and I don't want our relationship to become damaged because of me being jealous over nothing


Leo man Libra woman dating

I am a Libra women and dating a Leo, my best friend of 3 years, now boyfriend. When I first met him, his confidence and charming humor got me. Then we became good friends and hang-out a lot. We were both are always in and out of relationships looking for a serious relationship. The funniest thing about it is that we share horror relationship stories and sneak to see each other when we are dating someone, but just as friends. It also got to the point that whoever I was dating, I told them do not make me choose between my friend or you because he will be in my life no matter what. He also used to openly tell me he wants to be my man but I was afraid that it might ruined our friendship if it doesn't work out. But after some deep thoughts, I decided to give it a try because we both share a lot of morals, dating style, marriage goals and get along great. I can say that I do love him as my friend and I am excited to see us fall in love one day. He is the most honest, down to earth, fun to be around, loving, great listener and advisor, good looking Leo and guy I ever met. I am glad I waited because he is my best friend and its easy sailing to me....

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Leo man Libra woman dating

I'm a Leo man, 26. I've been intimate at some point with every sign but capricorn (never any sexual chemistry for some reason). I love Libras! I've been with a hand full. They are hot, witty and funny! My current girl of just over a year is actually a libra/scorpio cusper. We only get along half the time but the good half is her Libra side, I'm sure haha, which is fun loving, outgoing, goofy and a delight to be around and well the other side is a bitchy, introverted, stuck-up, needy, jealous, controlling, Scorpio naysayer. Fuck that side! ...But at the same time it keeps the relationship challenging.

Advice for all women dating or wanting to date a Leo man long-term:

Most of us are good guys in a general sense but we can often have secrets and can put on a good act if it gets us our way or makes us look better than we are. We're GREAT actors.

We like casual sex and sexual conquest. We may just use you for that for a while until we find someone better suited in our eyes.

We have big hearts but at the same time are very light-hearted to where we may seem apathetic or even cold.

Don't sweat the small stuff or take things too seriously. No one likes a Debbie-Downer.


Be well kept and have good style... No one wants to be seen with a trashy hood rat that has "baby girl" printed on the ass of her sweats haha

If you are attracted to us, let us know but not in such a way that you seem desperate or insecure.

We like confidence in a girl and a challenge or a little chase is what we live for!

Be a lady! Meaning: don't fart or talk about the big shit you took earlier haha. Keep those legs/pits/upper lip shaved but still know how to laugh at yourself and have a good time.

Don't fall for us too fast or make it too easy for us. Gotta play a little tug-o-war for a while or we get bored quick.

Watch porn and learn. Leos want a freaky, no-holds-barred sex kitten with no inhibitions that loves it any way she can get it from him and him only. (yes, this means all your holes, ladies! hahaha)

Never show or speak of attraction or intimate experiences about anyone, anytime, ever. It urks us.

Never point out our flaws. Our ego's can't handle not being the most amazing dude on Earth and we get our feelings hurt easily.

If a Leo really wants to be with you, you will know it (unless he's the more shy type, which is rare). Give it a long time and give it space to grow no matter how hard it is. If the chase is over too fast he'll lose interest quickly.

We like our freedom, occasional alone time and independence but if we really like and want you, we will want to see you everyday.

We may do shady things behind your back and you will never find out. It's probably your fault though. Shouldn't-a-been such a bitch! haha... jokes, but rrrrrr not reeeally.

Want more? Ask BW :)

Leo man Libra woman dating

I am a Libra woman(16 years old) and I am currently with a Leo man(17 years old). we have been going out for about six months. we started out so strong in the beginning. he told me that he loves me after our first date. I love his confidence. I love having debates with him and its a whole lot easier making decisions. but one thing I cant agree with is that they are very optimistic. when it comes to our relationship yeah but when it comes to things dealing with him it is very pessimistic. two months after we started dating he got caught up with a court situation that really didn't have anything to do with him and he kept thinking he was going to jail. he was really stressed and didn't pay any attention to me or the relationship he rarely called me. we then decided to go on hold. but the next day its like the relationship was better. only for a moment though. then he started acting the same way. I told him how I was feeling and he tried to make things better for about a week . Then soon after we got back together. now its like I don't know if he wants to be with me but he says he does. but sometimes it seems like he doesn't. but sometimes he does something that makes me feel he does especially when we are around each other the sexual chemistry is extremely high, not having sex yet, and emotions are high all he wants to do is hold me and kiss me and talk to me lol. we both love art and music and in any setting of things such as that we are one. like us Libras we will stay in a relationship even if we are unhappy and never are alone which is true because me and my best friend and ex are Libras and we are never with out a significant other. one thing I know with him if he thinks he is about to lose me he will try and fix things my question is in the long run him being a Leo and me being a Libra can things get better and will he make things better

Leo man Libra woman dating

I'm a Libra lady in a relationship with a Leo man for exactly a year now. WOW!!!

This man was sent from God, I swear by it. He noticed me before I noticed him, and it was apparently my sweet/nice demeanor that really made him notice me. You could call and ask him why he fell in love with me and he would say it was because of how nice I was. Nice, people. Nice actually won over a man.

I was in a horrible relationship with just a totally broken Sag at the time, and for weeks he promised he could treat me better, take me out, etc. It wasn't until the Sag fucked up horribly and I had an open window to leave that I took the chance. I'm so happy I did! My Leo had gotten out of a relationship a little under a year before with a demon woman (not sure of her sign... Scorpio maybe?) of three years. She aborted their planned child at four months without telling him, then stole 28 thousand dollars from their bank account (their bank account, his money) and said see ya. This being said, I think both of us were in the right moment to receive the other. His world was turned upside down by her cruelty, and I was there smiling sweetly with not a bad bone in my body (truly). My world was in the process of being turned upside down by my ex's self-destructive ways, when he came along and showed me there is a proper way to love and be loved. I think the timing was impeccable for our relationship.

As with every (that I've read about) Libra/Leo combo, sex is totally off the charts for us. Absolutely mind blowing to the point we've both cried afterward, or so mind blowing to the point we've both laughed our asses off afterward. I truly did not understand/know the joy of sex before I met him.

We moved in together 3-4 months into our relationship and it's been great. He's an expert housekeeper and I'm lazy/messy. I'm an expert budgeter and he's wasteful/whimsical with money. But I've learned to do more around the house just because I want to see him happy, and he's earnestly made an effort to spend less frivolously and not put off bills.

We both know what we have, and we both want to keep it. Sure, he can totally be an ass. However, I feel as if I can handle it and am always able to placate the situation and get him purring again. I guess the scales just know how to handle the lion's passion. He knows I'll never yell and that's why it works. You can't fight fire with fire. You just let the demure air sign talk him down. It's all about approach when it comes to a Lion I've found out.

He's 29; I'm 21. He told me within the first 2-3 weeks that he was going to marry me, and that I breathed life into him when he thought he could never trust/love another girl. One year later, and the man openly fantasizes about our wedding more than I do! Like any Leo man with style, he's already got colors and themes picked out, etc. It makes me laugh to see him acting like the girl and me the boy ("whatever you want, love").

I. love. my. Leo. Man.

Enough said :D

Leo man Libra woman dating

When I met my Leo mate it was two yrs ago and when we met it was love at first sight he was in the store and I was jus comin in the store we both locked eyes at each other then he left out the store and to my surprise he was sitin in his parked car wich happens to be right next to my car and he asked me my name and from that moment I fell so deeply in love wit this man ...but it was jus so complicated for us and I never could understand how two people are so into each other that soon or later we grew apart ...smdh

Leo man Libra woman dating

My experience with the Leo man I was recently dating was probably one of the hardest relationships I have ever been in. My Leo was one of the most thoughtful man in someways, but so inconsiderate in others. He tried really hard to please me and I know he loved me, but the inconsiderate parts of him made me resentful of the good qualities. He also had this horrible sense of entitlement for my time, my family, my things, and my money. We dated a total of 9 months almost to the day and he was ready to move in and get married after only about a month. I was recently divorced and explained that I wanted to take my time, but move in he did. He really just kinda showed up and stayed with out regard to my concerns, but I let it slide. It was all or nothing with him. Towards the end it, after 9 months mind you, since we weren't getting married right then, he was done. I think if he hadn't pushed me so hard, our relationship would have worked out. He made me feel like I stole a lifetime from him when we split up. It was 9 months! Drama! He was a generous person but expected more than he gave in return. I couldn't please him and the fact that he couldn't wait for me made me realize he was in love with love, not necessarily me.

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