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Leo man Libra woman love

Leo man Libra woman love - visitor comments, experiences and questions

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Leo man Libra woman love

I am engaged to a Leo man, myself a Libran.... He is just great to be around with, he loves me a lot... His confidence is incomparable.. I enjoy every moment with him..... He is God-sent.... and I pray to keep him fit and fine always...and to give me the strength to keep him happy forever...I love this guy, he is mine. thank you God..

Leo man Libra woman love

mmmm..last night I spent time with a Leo man who's been a friend for about a year or so... we want to take this a step further and I was undecided until last night... the man is funny, intelligent, soft at heart but has such a strong character... I feel loved, safe and secure in his arms. And oh the HONESTY.. love it!! I can't wait for the skinny dipping he's told me about... and would love to take me with him!! I am a hopeless romantic and this man just does it for me ....

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Leo man and I recently met a Libra lady who I can't stop thinking about. I don't know much about Libra women but from what I have read, I am captivated already.

I am a very passionate and romantic man who loves deeply and is driven by the desire to love and be loved. We Leo men are very confident yet not really arrogant. I look for a companion who I can build a deep relationship with on many levels and the best way to describe how I (a Leo) loves is that although I am driven by the desire to go from first base to home plate with someone very special; I don't want to skip second or third if that makes sense.

A Libra lady who has the very special sensual ability to captivate a Leo man's mind through the sensation of touch and her essence and gives him the time to enchant his mind and body will undoubtedly be rewarded with a romantic and monogamous man second to none.

Good luck to you Libra women. But for some reason, I don't think you'll need it. You have much more than luck inside you!

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Libra girl and going around with a Leo boy...he loves me a lot and lot..... I 2 love him... vn I want 2 win d fight. he lets me win deliberately...even vn v no..hez goona win..... I like dominating him at times ...but hate it 2 cuz...he is soooo aggressive and at times he is not compatible with da fact that I dominate him... and he gets aggressive yet hurt.....I feel insecure..... cuz I duunno whom he loves da most which I want ...d ans shud be me..cuz he is some times a diplomat......Leos r so unpredictable...sumtimez he make me fell like so damn secure and protected and safe.....I duunno I love him and want hin for my selfish needs....leos r no doubt aggressive like a lion in da bed.....but haven't experienced it yet.....lets jus pray for the best.....yes he is 2 loyal....touch wood

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Libra women in a relationship with a Leo male, its up and down day after day, we disagree on so many levels, he is very self-righteous and doesn't like to hear when he's wrong. I love the good times and that's what keeps me with him. All I have to say is be willing to put in the work, although the love making is good, you cant make love all day every day.

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Libra in love with a Leo man! They're just too irresistible! I have many suitors who's flooding me with gifts and attention but what caught my eye is that for every thing that he does, it has meaning. I could feel the sincerity he places in his actions. ^_^ I love him so much...

He is very understanding and patient... He has his own stand on things... and for one thing, He can keep up with my logic although I hate to admit it, sometimes he has better arguments)... he is the only person who I can debate with!!!!

He looks serious, but is very warm and passionate. He is very principled, I like that very much. He is also classy, has good taste, very polite and proper. My ideal guy!!!!

hmm... I trust him a lot and he always encourages me to be myself... sigh..... I feel dreamy. Hope he is the one I spend my lifetime with

-wingless sky

Leo man Libra woman love

my Leo doesn't show much affection and does things I don't understand. he says one thing and does another. I love him but we fight a lot should I stay or should move on?

Leo man Libra woman love

Well... as a Leo, I might be resentful of a woman of ANY sign going through my phone. How would you feel if he went through yours? Violated? Intruded upon? Think about it! Not that I would have anything to hide, or skeletons in my closet that I'd be afraid you'd find out about. I mean, there could be things in there that I wouldn't even want my mother to know about. Come on! If you want a guy to respect your privacy, you should respect his too! Good luck and I hope you can fix things. Maybe you should see a counselor together if you both really love each other and that was the only major issue you've had so far. Leo-Libra is one relationship that would be worth saving!

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Libra woman and I am madly in love with a Leo! but before this love began I was in a 5 year relationship with a Cancer and I felt so unhappy and unstable. me and this Leo were friends before and had an very strong attraction to each other but never got together. after 2 years of not seeing each other I saw him and it was like a fire was ignited in me that I never felt before. I instantly felt a connection. and even though its still early in the relationship I am hopeful that it will last it just feels natural us being together.

Leo man Libra woman love

Leo man here. Your situation sounds very familiar. Us Leo's do fall in love fast I think. HoweverÂ… there are many levels of being in love. He can certainly love you already, but that doesn't mean he's 100% sold on you, or convinced you love him, it will all work out etc. That part is a gradual process, and in the early stages.. Yes we do flirt.

I'd say he is "hoping for the best, and planning for the worst". If things don't work out with you.. Then he may get more serious with the Scorpio. Doesn't mean he is intending to cheat though.

Leo man Libra woman love

A Leo man here. About the Scorpio hurting Leo.. I had the most absolute horror experience with a Scorpio ex-wife. If that Scorpio knows that you're with him and she's jealous, I suspect she'd plan to destroy your relationship with him. I will never trust a Scorpio again.

I was lucky enough to meet a Libra. In short, I did not tell her I love her because love doesn't just happen without knowing someone deeply. But the attraction is immense, at least on my end. I feel it is mutual but she seriously holds back. We've both been though divorce recently.

The big problem is we're hundreds of miles apart. And she never initiates contact (email/call/etc). I always do. I haven't emailed or called her in 4 months. She hasn't either.

Now she's moving farther away.. half way around the world. She didn't tell me; I found out from people around her.

I haven't stopped thinking about her. I want at least the chance to know her enough to figure if it is worth it to get closer together.

I feel a strong connection with her, to the degree that I had 2 dreams about events in her life that came true!!

Should I tell her what I feel towards her? or forget her?

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Libra woman who works with a Leo man who is my manager. I have fallen for him so deeply. I feel like there is something between us. We look at each other deeply in each others eyes sometimes and I forget others are in the room. I think about and dream about him too frequently. We get a long quite well. He's funny and makes me laugh a lot. We like similar things. I moved from my home country and he has been soo generous and good to me. We fight sometimes at work because he can be very cold. I get mad and try and talk myself out of being so strongly attracted to him, but alas, it does not work. Sometimes he surprises me with my fav latte in the morning - I love when he does that! Its a horrible feeling... I am not myself around him because I feel like I have to maintain a professional manner at work. I don't want anyone to let on that I have these massive feelings for him. Its soo damn hard. Although I feel like there is something really strong be between the both of us, I am not sure he feels the same way. I could simply be reading into him just being a really nice person. Uggghhh so conflicted and feel like I need to focus my energy somewhere else, but I seriously can't stop thinking about him. What to do???


Leo man Libra woman love

well I am hoping that I come across the Leo man I once use to know, as we both had a strong connection and there's no denying that, people could see it, it in us! but we had to keep doing in the professional way of work! but for some reason, they do turn into snobs!!!, this Leo man I use to know and hopefully get to know him again, he was fun to be around with and so very charming, but the moods he had, OMG, I couldn't stand, but there is something about him, I can not forget and I have no idea what that is, I wish I knew, he knew I liked him, but not seeing him now for 5 years it's making it hard, to not to forget about him and I have no idea on why with that too, I wish I knew, but when we use to touch or play, it felt so good, I loved it when he was against me, I was melting.... he felt so good, someone to die for! I only wish I could see him once again, it would make my day.

Leo man Libra woman love

I can say about 1 Leo I knew, I am a Libra woman and I once knew a Leo guy, I thought he was everything I wanted, he was very jealous of me and I wasn't allowed to talk to any guy at all even around the work place, it was him or others.... but every time I spoke to a male work mate I would get my head biting off! they are very jealous people, we are both in a relationship, he seems to be happy! but I seem to be in a unhappy relationships..... today I receive a nasty msg from him... and it wasn't very nice, at the beginning he was nice and charming and everything was perfect as I wanted, but things changed between us, we started to argue like cats and dogs! I had to leave the work site, but today was the last straw as I want nothing to do with him after what he did, they are Librans haters, I see that he is still jealous cos I talk to my old work mates...... yeah they might be great lovers but they always want what they want and if they don't get it, they will be nas ty to you and there will be no turning back! I only wish 1 day I will meet my Leo man they 1 I want to be with, but he can find me so I can be happy! but I just found out today they are users and haters.

Leo man Libra woman love

I am a Libra woman and I've been steadily falling in love with a Leo man. He is articulate, intelligent, handsome, trail blazing, charming, and just an all around good guy. When he and I first started talking, he was just getting out of a relationship and told me that he wasn't trying to get into another.. I told him to watch himself around me then because (as you all know) its hard to boy fall in love with a Libra! Lol.. We continued to talk and hang out and although I can tell that he has taken a greater interest in me, I find that I'm the one falling head-over-heels for him! I'm in college now so I'm getting ready to face the real world very soon.. I want to face it with him by my side. He is a beautiful person inside and out our compatibility is the greatest. He has goals, ambitions, and passion so I see the future potential that he has and I'm willing and wanting to support him in those endeavors. The difference between the attraction that I have for this Leo m an and the attraction that I've had for all the others is that this is the most genuine I've ever felt and I believe in him. That's deep but its real. Leo men are the best and Libra women are so blessed to be able to have and maintain such a great connection to these men.

Leo man Libra woman love

Im a Libra lady, I don't know what it is about this Leo guy, but me & him are fighters. We fight and fight every time we see each other, and don't agree in anything. but even though we don't understand each other I've had chances to sit with him and talk to him, from my view he is a good guy, very talkative

shy, confident, ext. I don't know what it is about it him but I sure wish, I could back and just start again, but in a good way, with no fighting verbally and disagreements, I think im crazy about him? I don't know did I just say that......

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