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Leo man Libra woman marriage

Leo man Libra woman marriage forum - visitor comments, experiences and questions

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Leo man Libra woman marriage

I'm a single Libra woman. I've had multiple healthy relationships. Although I am not quite ready to marry (too young but looking forward to marriage) I've had many wonderful experiences.

I very much enjoyed my relationship with a Leo , but I went too fast, as well as with a Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Leo, I found I was most compatible with. Although, I didn't take my time which cause both relationships to spoil. If you're a Libra woman falling deep in love with a Leo man or a Sagittarius man, Just take your time. They'll love you for you. Don't move in with them after a month or two. Take your time after a year or so and then see if that person is still amazed by you as a person.

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a married Libra woman and going around with a married Leo man for the last one and half years. we had this mutual understanding from the beginning that we both will respect each other's family life and we will keep our relationship a total secret. so far, everything is going fine. he is working in as an accountant in a oil company and I am carrying on doing my family business.

the first thing that attracted me to him was his confidence, looks and his honesty. he is very optimistic , inspiring and he shares every secret he has. he is very dramatic and I can feel that people are attracted towards him. he is very loving , caring , generous and kind hearted. sometimes , we go out and spend a night or two in some romantic holidaying spot.

sexually, he is fantastic. I knew from the early part of our relation that we have a good chemistry. our every encounter is very satisfying and memorable. his love making sessions are so intense that I can easily have multiple orgasms and he can go on for hours. the thing that can turn Leo man wild with passion is your genuine compliments regarding his manliness. love him , praise him and you will be rewarded with all his affection, attention and some hot love making sessions.

we love each other a lot and our relation is pure ; and I thank god for giving me such a great lover. we never had any serious arguments and nor do we expect any material benefit from each other. we don't have any regrets for having a secret relationship because we found whatever that was missing in our married lives. MAY GOD BLESS US !

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra woman. I have been in an ongoing relationship with a Leo man for 8 years. When I first laid eyes on him, I nearly fainted. He is so handsome. I have never seen a man who was this sexy.

He is very manly and can be very snobby at times. But, he is also very loving and caring and very protective. I love him with all my heart and want to marry him someday. He says he never wants to get married, but from what I've learned, a Libra can break through to a Leo.

Sexually, he is the best I ever had. He always aims to satisfy me and does it so well. After we make love, I can't wait to do it again. I could never get enough of him! He is so fine and feels like heaven to touch. He always smells good, always the best dressed and drives a nice car. He is also hardworking. I will love him until death do us apart. Thank you Lord for this man. I love you N.B.

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I'm a single Libra woman, having a thing with a married Leo man. I have known him for years but just recently met back up with him a couple of months ago after 8 years.

From first site we couldn't keep our eyes off of each other. I want to be with him but would never want him to end his marriage. Our sex is GREAT, the best I have ever had. So passionate and sensual it feels like we have sex before.

From the first time we slow danced, laughed and cried together. I can not get enough of him... I want him for me. I am so confused because if this goes on I will fall madly in love. I am not the mistress or home wrecker type. HELP, im stuck!!!!!

Leo man Libra woman marriage

Leo men are aggressive and can get on your nerves. I am a Libra women married to a Leo man and I don't think our personalities match. Leo's thought process is 180 degrees different from us. Libras quench for justice and honesty can be frustrating for a Leo. Leo's by nature like to bully and their aggression can be a big concern for peace loving Libras. I would say Leo's seem to a good match at the first site but not a good match for a lifelong relationship.

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Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a married Leo man, and I've been working with a single Libra woman (who's quite a bit younger than me) for just over two years now, minus a couple of months. From the moment I met her, she swept me off my feet, and I've grown very fond of her over the past two years. She won my heart by the soft sweet way she always speaks to me. She is otherwise very quiet and shy, and I find it difficult to approach her because I don't want to spook her. I feel like I've fallen in love with her, and I want so much to let her know it, but I need to see her someplace outside of work. The feeling I get is if I was a little younger and I wasn't married, she's the one I would really want to be with.

She was let go for about two months this year and I was devastated, because I didn't know if I would ever see her again. But after three attempts to replace her in a two month period failed, she was called back and I was overjoyed to see her car in front of the building when I pulled in. And even more overjoyed to see her again.

(Maybe God does answer prayers!)

I don't think she should have ever been let go in the first place, and I made it clear to everyone there a week or so after she was let go.

Keeping things low key, I left a Hershey kiss for her for Christmas (even though I want to give her a real kiss!). If she reads this post I think she'll know it was me. I hope in the coming months she and I can get to know each other a little better. I'm really looking forward to it! I SOOOOO want to let her know how I feel for her inside!

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra woman married to a Leo man of 4 years, and man I tell you, just gotta love them! He is really sweet and helpful, very encouraging if Im not too sure of something. Leo men set goals and will follow them through and expect you to do the same. They are funny, enjoy being the center of attention and they are great dads! Well I know my hubby is...

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I dated a Leo for about 3 years. Its been about 4 years from when we broke up {very bad break up} lastly I cant get him off my mind. to make it worse I am now married. The sex was nothing like with anyone else. I cant get him off my mind and when I go home to visit im afraid to run into him.. damn leo's!!

Leo man Libra woman marriage

Married Libra woman in love with a married Leo man. I asked him to introduce a friend of mine to one of his friends, she is a Leo. Long story short they are both married, he broke it off and she decided to call his wife and tell her everything. The situation happened in Dec 09, he won't talk to me, because he feels I knew she would do something like that. I had no idea she would call his friends wife. Should I leave him alone or continue to see if he will come around it's been 10 days since he text me.

Leo man Libra woman marriage

After reading all these stories, im sitting here amazed. I too am a Libra woman in love with a Leo man. I actually married a Leo (a young Leo, he was 19 when we wed) and we had the best relationship I could ask for. we have a son together and even though we have recently split up, we still have the best relationship together in parenting our child. we work well together and even though we do have our share of disagreements, I strongly believe that our Libra Leo union is god sent.

that said, in recent months, I have fallen for yet another Leo man. the sex is fantastic!!!!! as a passion loving Libra, the sex from my Leo man is mind blowing. the hot steamy passionate make you twitch sex that only a Leo can give a Libra is there. but the downfall is, this Leo is being stubborn in the falling for the Libra. im there and I would sell my soul for this Leo, but he refuses to see the chemistry that everyone but him sees. its frustrating. as the rest of you Leo Libra couples know, we just have a chemistry that is undeniable, but at the same time unexplainable. I see it, he don't. im frustrated.

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Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra woman involved with a Leo man. I've dated many men in my lifetime, but I have to say I never knew a man could treat a woman so well.

We met just over a year ago at my family's bar. I was the main bartender and he showed up about once a week for a friendly game of poker and a few drinks. When I first saw him I took note on how handsome he was. Since he had just been divorced from a woman he had two children with, I kept my distance, but found out very quickly how strong the attraction between us was. although he was still heartbroken over his ex, he always seemed to forget his hurt while having a few beers and flirting with me.

A few months ago he finally asked me on a date. Even though I was seeing someone, I accepted and went out for a drink...or two...or five, with him lol. In the 2 hours we sat there and never ran out of things to talk about. His passion and my need to debate collided and turned into the most wonderful date of my life.

Our sex life is amazing. I have never had a more passionate sexual relationship in all my life. His dominance and sensuality mixed with my playful and submissive nature work perfectly together.

After only a few weeks of seeing each other he admitted he was terrified to tell me the truth about his feelings, but he admitted he was falling completely in love with me. I told him I felt the same way and we have never had better relationships in our lives. It has only been a few months but I am having dreams of spending my life with his man. His children love me (even though the ex hates me, obviously and it seems a custody battle is at hand) and I love his children. Even in our short time together so far we are already planning events for the boys and planning on finishing our college courses and buying a house suited to raise them.

I have a horrible feeling that we may be moving too fast. I'm afraid my feelings may be flawed. No relationship can possibly be this perfect...can it? He claims he will never be married again but I have somehow convinced myself I will tame this lion man soon. any advice for a young Libra who is smitten to a point of restlessness?

Leo man Libra woman marriage

"Am I crazy? I would love to hear from a Leo man (Libra ladies your opinion is valued as well however, it is good to hear a mans opinion on matters such as love.)"

Libra Woman,

I am a Leo male married to a Libra woman for 20 years and we are Christian as well (we are still very devoted to one another and love each other deeply).

It is hard to know what to ultimately think or say about your situation. There are probably a million little details to know before completely knowing what to say.

It is true that Lion-Man will be open and honest to those he trusts (sometimes to a fault), and it is true anyone can screw up and do stupid things in life. We all need forgiveness and a second chances from God and our peers (no matter a Leo or Capricorn).

However anyone can lie/deceive and a bad man/person won't stop at one time. Be careful! But I believe so many bad men had little love growing up from parents. There is so little love out there!

Are you sure this is the right Leo? There are so many of us noble and good Lions out there.

Like I said, it's hard to know what to tell you. Although, as corny as this sounds, Love conquers all, and the best Leo/Libra combo love is strong enough, life will be good no matter what happens.

My wife and I have had so many struggles in our marriage (from major health problems to child problems, etc etc). As frustrated as we get, our love is still strong and she is the best woman I have ever met.

Somehow you need to find out where this man's heart is before you get any further. Being a Christian and open/honest is a step in the right direction. Don't forget there are so many Leo's out there that are waiting for you Libra women!

Best of luck and God-bless.

Leo man Libra woman marriage

To the last Libra to post, from another Leo guy---

Ride the wave, baby!

That Scorpio will only hurt him, like one hurt me once.

She'll play too many head games with him. You, being a Libra is the real deal! Leos know that time with a Libra is time well spent!

I have a Libra co-worker that I'm absolutely crazy about, and I would like to get to know her better someday. But she is very quiet at work, and doesn't say much at all.

Once in a while, when she comes around, I'll look at her and give her a smile, and she will smile back. But still, I wonder just what she's thinking.

(I suppose it doesn't help that I'm married, and she is quite a bit younger than me. But I also suppose she probably doesn't want to come between me and my wife, but I wonder if I wasn't married if things would be different?)

I feel a very strong attraction to her, and I think she is aware of it. I wish I could know how she felt!

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra woman 29 my first sexual experience was with a Leo man well we met when I was 12. Now that we are both married he tells me he's never stopped thinking about me. He told me this right before we both got married also , 7 years ago. I am thinking of seeing him this weekend by his request. He is so excited just to take me to dinner ,,,,,and I miss his sex just FYI not that anything will happen. but I am not sure if he will be worth the risk. Can I get help from someone who's been in this situation ? What in your opinion will this Leo man be like in a love affair ?

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra mature woman I had been with a Leo man for 6 years. He's always thought I was too old for him but we've had great times and exceptional love making. We are 13 years apart and everyone told me what's age got to do with it. Well he thought against it but he still continued the relationship with me while he was seeking the person he wanted to finalize his life with. Now that he has found her he still wants to be a friend of mind but things have to be different now for us because he is getting married to this person. I will continue my life looking for another Leo man because they are great lovers and enjoyable men to be with. Hopefully God will send someone my way -- I'd prefer first: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarian. Unhappy about what happened to us but there was no convincing this guy that I would have been ok for him forever. Even though I am a very decent looking woman and in good shape figure wise and he is handsome he felt I was still too old. His age 50 me 63. I guess I could say I was being used.


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Leo man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra woman and I have been contemplating an affair with a married Leo man. We met when I hired him to do some work for me. On the first meeting, I noticed his fine, muscular body. On our 2nd meeting, while talking to him about mundane things, our eyes met. It was then I could feel immediate sexual tension. Soon after, we began texting one another in a sexually playful way. He drives me crazy! He is sexy, playful and very much a man who wants to be in charge. We recently had a first kiss - then he left me wanting more. Now all I can think about is having sex with him. I am sure it is going to be mind blowing.

I have had one other Leo relationship - about 20 years ago. It was the best sex I have ever had.

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I'm a Libra woman who's dashed with love for a suave far-away Leo. To be honest, I saw his picture through a friends page on facebook early last year and felt my heartbeat raaaaace!! Within a few hours we had exchanged emails, skype details, the lot.

Unfortunately, I found out he lives at the polar opposite side of the world. (Also didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time, but I hadn't thought much more than 'woaaaah amazing person' then. She broke up with him before we met anyway but he was rather sad at the time :[ poor thing~ )

After about a month we spoke more (slowly I wafted over, intoxicated by his charms), and my spontaneous urge to change flights allowed for us to meet at a friends house in aaaanother country [when we first spoke, he mentioned he was visiting them. Turns out we were originally going to miss each other by 3 days!!!]...

Meeting him was what I could genuinely say was 'love at first sight'.

3 days went quick and we ended it with a romantic, if not sexually charged few hours before he had to fly off.

We kept it as a LDR for 6 months.. and I flew to visit him then.

In the meantime we made plans for sharing an apartment overseas after finishing our degrees at university!!

Things didn't go so well close to flying off to see him around December.. A week before he sent me an email asking if we could stay friends. He was making a logical decision, but it still made short sharp incisions in my heart. We went too fast while I was at his house which sent me into a mental breakdown. Even now I feel bad for letting him see that because.. he probably feels like he had something to do with it.

ANYWAY. so. we left it as friends [even if I was still thinking of him romantically, that was my not-so-secret.. secret]. Months passed and we emailed just as frequently as before, sharing whatever we could through the interwaves.

Recently we took off to travel about the dream-country of our future for about a week :] Best week of my life, of this I'm certain. Being able to wake up in the morning and just know that we're in the same place at the same time [yay for no time difference!] was amazing in itself. He's too much love aahhhhhh~~~~!!!

I don't like this being friends thing, he knows that. It makes sense though. With the distance we can't do much else but talk. Doesn't mean I don't want to spend every moment of the rest of my existence with him though!!

haha. Also just a question to all the Librans out there: Where any of you commitmentphobes before meeting your Leonean princes? cause I was for. certain. And now I'm daydreaming about marriage while listening to my music lectures. I'd say that's a 180 degree turn haha.

And another question for those willing to answer, I read quite a few 'make him wait' ... Sounds like a wonderful concept but I'm the most impatient person I know haha. At any rate, we're waiting ... 2 years till we're able to live in the same country so... :] If I had any say in the matter, I'd be flying over to live in the garage out the back of his house lol.

Leo man Libra woman marriage

I have found myself very afraid of commitment and find that a lot of my Libra friends do too. I met my Leo man when I was 15 and knew I only wanted to marry him. Through the years and different lovers, I never wanted to be married to a man so bad the way I want to marry my Leo. It creeps me out that I want to be his wife so bad, despite him wanting a big wedding, I would rather elope just me & him on an island but Leo men love grandieur. Ill gladly have a reception for 500 if I could just carry his name!

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