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Sagittarius man Pisces woman forum

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Pisces woman and a Sagittarius man 
Hot and cold Yesss. I can totally relate .. I have been in a long distance relationship with this man for about four months . In the begining he would …

How to handle fights and arguments?! 
I have been dating a Sagittarius (27) for the past 3 years and our fights are still very ugly.. Can someone help on how 2 handle that we provoke each other …

Pisces emotionally drained by Sagittarius 
I've been dating my guy on and off again for the pass 3 years which seems to be a trend with Pisces & Sags. I'm 29 and he's 40. I feel emotionally tapped …

Pisces woman and Saggitarian man being intimate too soon 
I'm a 20 yr old Pisces woman currently "seeing" this 26 yr old Saggitarian guy. I've only known this guy for a week and the sexual tension is CRAZY strong. …

Pices girl Sagittarius boy 
I've been dating my Sag for 8 months now. We started off very casual, we both had other ppl on the side...until we got jealous of each other. we both …

Learnig to love my saggitarius 
Ive been with my saggittarius now for almost 5 years, it's been a rocky road. We have broken up oh so many times yet I don't blame him nor do I blame me …

Sensitive Pisces Woman married to Independent Saggitarius 
I dated my husband for 6 years and we just got married. I relate to all the comments, except those that say it cannot work. It has been the best experience …

Sagittarius Pisces 4 Years of bad romance 
Hey world... Im a female Pisces 22 Datinq a Male 22 Sagg For 4 Long Years OFF AND ON Of course- I will be 100% Honest this relationship has caused me a …

Pisces woman Sagittarius man issues 
Here lays a Pisces female (23) dating a Sagittarius man (23) both a tiger (Chinese zodiac) for approximately 5 months or less. He started going after me …

Sagittarius man on the problem with Pisces women 
I am a Sagittarius male who once dated a Pisces female. I was instantly attracted to her the moment we met. We moved quickly and things were great for …

Pisces women need to be flexible with Sag men 
I am a Pisces girl who has been casually seeing a Sag. I know right, Pisces being casual??? It's taking all my will power but I'm doing it.! He was so …

Sagittarius and Pisces hard relationship 
This is crazy. I have been in a relationship with a Sagittarius man on and off for the past 2 years. I cannot stand him!! He is all of the above, selfish, …

Sagittarius man in love with a Pisces woman 
I am a 32 years old Sag male completely in love with a 30 years old Brazilian Pisces female. I can relate to all the accounts mentioned above. I was …

Sagittarius too hot and cold for Pisces 
I'm 35 yr old woman dating a 41 yr old Sagittarius male for about 2 months. Very HOT and Cold. He will not communicate and almost makes himself look stupid …

Sagittarius man married to a Pisces woman 
I am 38 year old Sag man married to a 32 year old Pisces woman. I have read all of the above and agree with most of what has been said about Sag men. …

Pisces Sagittarius heaven and hell! 
I am a Pisces woman and have been in a relationship with my Sagittarius guy for just over a year now. On the upside he is very loving, tells me what I …

Pisces Sagittarius friends before sex 
This Pisces girl has been dating a Sagittarius male for almost 4 months. We became intimate too soon as we had both waited to find someone worthwhile …

Pisces woman dating a Sagittarius good and bad 
Well I am a Pisces woman with a sag man. we have been together for 6 months now and its been an rocky road. When things are good they are good when things …

Pisces Sagittarius long distance 
I have been in a long distance relationship with a Sagittarius man for almost 8 months! He is absolutely wonderful and we enjoy every moment we spend …

Pisces and Sagittarius works great 
I am a Pisces woman dating a Sagittarius man. Have been for about 8 months now and it has been hard, but definitely worth it. I hate hearing this BS about …

Sagittarius men too selfish for Pisces women 
I am a Pisces woman who dated a Sagittarius man. They will break your heart! From my experience in the beginning they are fun and extremely loving, but …

Pisces women shouldn't date Sagittarius men 
I’m a Pisces woman I’ve been with a Sagittarius man for 11 years and we have been married for 7 years. Truth be told it was the absolute worst thing I …

Sagittarius Pisces on again off again 
I'm currently dating a Sagittarius man and im a Pisces girl. We've been off and on for almost 4 years. I love him and im 100% devoted to him, but I know …

Pisces Sagittarius attraction 
I'm a Pisces girl 24 met a Sag guy 27, almost 5 months ago. We were instantly and strongly attracted, he IMMEDIATELY starting chasing after me and I gave …

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Pisces are a mix of every sign 
I'm a Pisces. This book says that Pisces are basically a mix of every zodiac. I know this Sagittarius guy. We flirt A lot! I mean A lot! We will just stare …

Sagittarius man Pisces woman sex and lies 
Some people don't believe in astrology, but when I dated a Sag man it was the most painful relationship I have ever been in, he lied to me the whole time …

Pisces Women and Saggitarius Men: Fatal Attraction! 
I'm a Pisces gal and from my experience with Sagg men alerts me that this combo is a fatal attraction. We clearly understand nothing about each other, …

Sagittarius Pisces impossible love 
I am Pisces woman. I was in love with a Sagittarius man. For some reasons our relation broke down. we were very young we failed to develop and maintain …

Pisces better players than Sagittarians 
I'm a 19 year old Pisces girl, had an affair with a 38 year old Sag which is a father of four. He's married, of course, since he was 21. He said that it …

Pisces woman ended things with Sagittarius man 
LOL this is funny! I'm Pisces lady, naturally, and I've been with three Sagittarius ex's! (18 with 21, then 20 with 22, and finally 21 with 25)! What's …

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