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Taurus man Scorpio woman forum

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How do Taurus men feel about Scorpio women?  
It all started when I (scorpio) first enter my first day of college. He(taurus )started looking at me with an smile ask for my numer. So I gave him my …

I need more info. 
I'm thinking of marrying a taurus man. He was born on the cusp of aries and taurus april 24th 1989. Im a scorpio born on november 13th 1988. I heard those …

I need Advice....Scorpio and Taurus Intense Friendship 
I am a Scorpio woman who met the most amazing man ever about 2 years ago. He is a Taurus. I had not been in a relationship for several years and was not …

Unfortunate dealings with Scorpio Woman 
I unfortunately do not have a rosey tint in my glasses when dealing with a Scorpio Woman- their vindictiveness and vengeance knows no boundaries, rules …

Jealous Scorpio Girl Passive Taurus Guy 
So me & my Taurus just met and started dating about a month and a half ago the very first time I laid eyes on him it was a connection; I spotted him …

Is Taurus Man into Scorpio Woman 
Okay, I am a Scorpio Woman, 32 (Horse Sign with Chinese Astrology) and he is a Taurus 36 (Tiger sign with Chinese Astrology), we seem compatible in every …

Scorpio mind games 
I'm a Taurus guy. I dated a Scorpio girl online, I haven't seen in ages (about 3 years since I last saw her @ high school) and still haven't seen yet. …

Is my taurus just not into me? 
I dated a Taurus male for a month and a half, five months ago met due to work related reason. The instant I met him it was an intense attraction and I …

Is my Taurus man being selfish? 
I am a Scorpio girl, early 20s. Have known my Taurus for 3 years now first met at university. Both of us are very like our signs. We only started seeing …

Taurus Scorpio sexual attraction 
I am a Scorpio woman and I always find an uncontrollable sexual attraction to the Taurus men and visa versa! Its very interesting when my eyes meet a Taurus …

Taurus and scorpio too much in common? 
Been in a relationship with a Taurus man. He's very hardworking and good to me. He was married for over twenty years to his children's mother. He says …

Taurus male interested in a relationship? 
I am a Scorpio woman, 49 years old and he is a Taurus Man 45 years old. We first saw each at the Market. It was crowded and he stepped aside to let me …

Scorpio woman what should i do? 
I Taurus man who is in love with Scorpio woman, i have done a lot of bad things to her like being a bully, and now she has dumped me, i really need her …

Taurus man Scorpio woman question 
I have done something really awful. I am a scorpio woman and I met a taurus man. The attraction between us is undeniable! It all started kind of funny …

scorpio woman taurus man for life! 
I am 29 and he is 30 soon to be 31. We have been off and on for the last 9 yrs. Just as they say about Taurus and Scorpio we battle...hard! But there is …

Advice from Scorpio women on Taurus man 
I am an Scorpio woman 22 dating an 27yr old Sagittarius but I recently started hanging out with my Taurus friend. I really like him but I'm still with …

Scorpio woman with Taurus man my experience 
My experience with a Taurus man that I happen to be married to and have been with for about six years now is that he is: Moody, Selfish, Generous (sometimes), …

Scorpio female love my perfect Taurus male 
I'm a Scorpio female (50) with a Taurus male (26) who met on-line. We live close by & got on brilliantly from the day we met. He is foreign I'm English, …

Scorpio Taurus first meeting 
I'm a Scorpio female (24) and my loved one is a Taurus male (26). Like many cases here we met online, about 5 years ago, but he lives in France, and we …

Taurus Scorpio the good and bad parts 
I'm a Scorpio woman dating a Taurus man (we are both 20). We have been dating for six months. We knew each other years before we began dating, but I had …

Taurus man security for a Scorpio woman 
I am in love with a Taurus.. He is everything, just like everyone has mentioned about a male Taurus; relaxed, loyal, etc. But there is something about …

Taurus Scorpio lesbian 
I'm a Taurus woman who always, always seem to attract Scorpios from both sexes. I find it very flattering. I have never been in a serious relationship …

Taurus Scorpio sex is awesome 
I am a Scorpio woman and I am dating a Taurus man. I would have to say the journey so far is one like I have never felt before! We are going on 2 years …

Taurus man Scorpio woman works great 
I was always around guys but never found anything special in anyone of them.. my sixth since as Scorpio's are famous to have always told me its …

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Scorpio women dealing with Taurus men 
im a Scorpio girl, but I'm not in a relationship, I'm seeking it. my friends a Taurus, the one who I like a whole lot. lot of Scorpios say their brave …

Taurus Scorpio relationships 
I have been with my Taurus Man for 7 years. We broke up for 1 year and I dated a Libra. My Taurus man pursued me towards the end of my relationship with …

Taurus man falling in love with Scorpio woman 
I'm a Taurus man and I've been dating a Scorpio woman for 4 months now and I'm falling deeply in love with her. She's so beautiful to me and her personality …

Scorpio Taurus online relationship 
I called myself Elena (female) and I was a Scorpio. He chose the name Cardinal (male) and his sign was Taurus. We met in a chat room. He thought I had …

Scorpio Woman view with a taurus ex 
The sex is what kept us connected for years...lol..we finally let each other go though. We got along. He was sweet and trusthworthy, but I couldn't help …

I still am not sure about this Taurus man. 
Hi I met this guy many years ago and fell in love with him. Obsessed love he was a womanizer.....I always believed I would be with him and that he was …

Scopio Female trying with a Taurus Male 
I've know my taurus for about 4 years. We recently had sex for the first time. we've been through a lot but have never been official... I don't know if …

Taurus Scorpio good match 
Prior to our relationship, my boyfriend and i were the best of friends for two years, and we still are. I can honestly say, from experience, that a Taurus/Scorpio …

Scorpio woman and Taurus man friends hopefully more!? 
I am a Scorpio woman (16 soon to be 17) and im interested in this Taurus man (age 20) . I've known my Taurus Man for almost 4 years now. He's absolutely …

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