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Scorpio man Gemini woman forum

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Falling for a married scorpio man 
We go to the same church, and I have known him for years. I have been through a rough patch, divorced with 1 child, and have been out of contact for a …

Does this Scorpio man want me back? 
Hi, I have been split up from my scorpio man for nearly a year after a 6 year relationship. We split becuase we had a petty argument and i was sick …

Scorpio Man Broke My Heart 
I'm a Gemini woman and I have had a remarkable relationship with a scorpio man and out of the blue he stood behind a woman who approached at a snowcone …

Scorpio Gemini Arguments 
For the past two years I have been dating a Scorpio man. For the majority of the time, I would never describe him as less than amazing, intelligent, beautiful, …

Gemini woman questioning her Scorpio 
I am a Gemini woman who fell for the magnetism of the Scorpio male. I met him and instantly felt the wrath of his sting. I cannot seem to stay away from …

Getting stung by a Scorpio 
i was involved with two scorps: the first one was my band mate while the second one i just found somewhere. i have experienced two kinds of scorps... …

Gemini Scorpio and sex 
I am a Genuine Gemini Gal who has met a sexy and comical Scorpio guy! I was told some negative things about him, but was still curious on meeting him to …

Mysterious Scorpio man and Gemini woman 
I met this guy at work and he has always been very quiet. Up until recently, I have been working more hours with him, and I have noticed that he has been …

Just met a beautiful Gemini woman 
I have just met a beautiful Gemini woman at work. Against my better judgment (because of dating in the work place), I have taken an interested in her. …

Gemini Scorpio attraction 
Gemini young woman who just met a Scorpio young man a few months ago. We've started dating, and like many other Gemini females who've fallen for a Scorpio …

Gemini woman can't stop thinking about Scorpio man 
I am a Gemini woman and in love with a Scorpio male. In the beginning, man, he chased me (we were co-workers) and he never made a move, just became good …

Scorpio Gemini marriage 
My Scorpio man and I just married. I can honestly say I've found my match. I mean, of course I'm still a Gemini and I still have that flip flopping, but …

Scorpio Gemini dating advice 
I'm a Gemini girl who has fallen hard for a Scorpio man. We met in high school, he was an exchange student so unfortunately he was only around for a couple …

Scorpio Gemini Sex 
I'm a Gemini woman that has had a few Scorpio men. There is one in particular that I cannot quite figure out. When we are around each other, for the most …

Gemini and Scorpio relationships 
I am a Gemini woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man. This has been a roller coaster relationship for the past 3 years. He is so secretive, tells lies, …

Gemini Scorpio marriage 
Gemini woman getting married 7/31/2010 to a Scorpio man. I also think your moon sign has a lot to do with your initial compatibility as well. Through some …

Scorpio man Gemini girl loyalty issues 
Gemini's having two sides is a well-known fact. One is the vivacious, fun-loving and carefree side which makes them such great company. The other is the …

Gemini woman affair with Scorpio man 
I met a Scorpio and have always felt an immense chemistry and energy between us. I have been avoiding him since I'm married and felt that I wouldn't be …

Gemini and Scorpio mind games 
I am a Gemini girl in a relationship with a Scorpio man and he is interesting, captivating, so emotionally and intellectually deep but I often suspect …

Gemini woman experience with Scorpio man 
I'm a Gemini women engaged to be married to a Scorpio man. I met my Scorpio back in high school, where we really didn't get to know each other to well. …

Gemini and Scorpio Arguments 
Though everything it says about geminis and scorpios is spot on correct, our burning sense of tenacity for one another is one that should be noted. We …

Gemini girl Scorpio boy 
We fight and make up constantly. but it was love at very first glance, and there has never been a question about whether or not we'd make it. Sometimes …

Gemini Scorpio frustration and passion 
I am a Gemini woman and I am in love with a Scorpio man. The curiosity and intrigue between us is captivating, but frustrating. there are days when I remember …

Gemini lady in love with Scorpio guy 
I am a Gemini lady in love with a Scorpio guy, we met January at his work place after a month he explain his feelings to me but coz I had a lover (Sagittarius) …

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Gemini woman Scorpio man security 
I'm a female Gemini and my partner of 10 years is a male Scorpio. We've been together for a very long time. We met in high school when we were next-door …

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