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Aries man Libra woman forum

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Will he seriously move on or will he come back to me? 
I am 24 and in love with this Aries guy who is also 24. We have been in a relationship for the past 4 years. Well to say out of 4 years we were in a long …

Libra Woman with an Aries Man who broke up with her is cruel to her but is still in love with her 
I am a 25 year old libra woman who was dating a 29 year old aries man. He is the first person I have ever truly loved and who I met that completed me. …

Aries men get a bad rap. 
Hello...I am an Aries man and I have to say to the Libra women that you definitely have not met a enlightened mature Spirited man. The traits that you …

Aries Man Cannot Commit 
I work with an aries man and we have known each other for about a year. We have the most amazing chemistry and when I see him my stomach does flips.When …

Why do aries men play games with libra women? 
I am a 22 yr old Libra women and I fell head over hills for a 22yr old Aries man after an encounter at a bar. At the time I was in a complicated relationship …

Older Libra Woman, Younger Aries Man - This Is How It Is! 
So. What exactly is it about the Aries man? I've been trying to wrap my mind around this concept for quite some time now. I initially met an Aries man …

Confusing Aries... 
We had been dating for about 8 months or so. Recently he keeps getting angry with me and acts so mean and harsh when i really didnt do anything to provoke …

How to keep your Aries man keen? 
Believe me, the best way to get an Aries man calling you, checking that you're ok, asking for another date, etc is to BACK OFF!! He will be confused and …

Aries man, Libra woman "friends with benefits" 
I met this aries man a couple months ago, and we were both looking for a "friends with benefits" type relationship. We have been at it since the night …

Libra woman knocking me senseless 
I am a 46 year old Aries man who met a 47 year old Libra woman on an online dating site. I have never really studied astrology and did not pay attention …

Need advice from a Libra woman!  
Question for all of you Libra women - I am an Aries Man who has fallen for a Libra, but, surprise surprise, I've messed up and now need some keen advice. …

Okay so I am a Libra woman who has been dating an Aries man for a little over a year and I must say it has been on hell of a ride on a rollercoaster from …

Why does Aries man have such a hold on Libra woman? 
I met this Aries male online and decided to meet in person. Instant attraction. We were together for 2 years when he decided he wanted to date other people, …

Libra why keep falling in love with Aries? 
I'm a female Libra woman and of all my relationships, the most serious are with Aries men... strangely however, those relationships often result in me …

Aries man misunderstandings 
I am a Libra woman and for the last six months, I have been close to an Aries man. We have had our fair share of misunderstandings but for the past few …

Libra Woman and Aries Man - understanding 
I am a 23 year old Libra girl, I have been dating a 31 year old Aries man, for about 8 months. At first- we never had an argumant, instant attraction on …

libra woman aries man 
Met an aries man online, after talking on the phone, we decided to meet. all i can say is hot, instant attraction, and hot, romantic encounters since. …

Aries man Libra woman - is he testing me? 
I'm a Libra woman and I'm currently in a physical relationship with an Aries man. Its been so interesting... while he is sometimes painfully straightforward... …

Why does my Aries man keep pushing me away? 
I have done nothing but show love toward this Aries, only because my body and mind go so goddamned gaga in his presence or even the thought of him! I …

Married Libra woman seeing a married Aries man 
What can I say, I totally love my Aries man to bits, we are so passionate together, text all the time, makes me smile and feel so alive like no one else …

Aries and Libra sex on a first date 
I'm a Libra woman 19 and the Aries guy in question is 33. when i first saw him i was dancing part time in Miami at an upscale strip club, i found myself …

Older Libra woman with young Aries man 
I am a Libra woman and have had a crush on an Aries gentleman for quite awhile, and I think he is interested in me. Alas, I'm probably 20 years older, …

Libra woman Aries man is this real? 
I am a Libra woman involved with a cancer guy for 15 years. I recently met this wonderful Aries guy and he completely blew me off my feet! I dont understand!!!! …

Young Libra with Aries man need advice 
I am a young unexperienced Libra girl, only 18. My story with this 19 year old aries man has been going on forever.. on and off but at a distance. We go …

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Advice to Libra women dating Aries men 
I am a libra girl and WOW all of these posts have seriously comforted me a lot so thank you. I now no longer feel that this is something I'm going through …

Libra woman dating Aries man for 2 weeks 
I'm a Libra woman, just met an Aries man and the sparks are flying something fierce. It's been less than 2 weeks, we've been out only once but already, …

Aries man Libra woman marriage 
I am a Libra Woman who has been happily married to my Aries Man for 10 years and together for 13 years. We make an amazing team in every way. Passion …

Libra and Aries so exciting and so frustrating 
Libra and Aries is one rollercoaster ride. So exciting and frustrating at the same time .... i should know im a libra gal dating an Aries man one minute …

Aries and Libra on again off again 
Why is it when it always comes to the Aries man and Libra woman there are always such long hauls until they can finally just be with one another? I've …

Aries man engaged to Libra woman 
I'm an Aries man who started dating a Libra woman 5 years ago. I was instantly attracted to her and could never get her out of my mind. There was something …

Aries Dragon boosting his ego? 
I am a Libra Woman who fell in love with an Aries male on sight over 14 months ago. After reading these stories, I guess I have turned him off by telling …

Sex on our 2nd date and still pursuing me. 
I am a libra girl and I met this aries guy a month ago. The first time we met, we were so into each other. we talked a lot and we were kind of had that …

libra woman aries man  
I'm a 22yr old Libra woman and I've been chasing this 22yr old Aries male for the past 2wks. We met at a club and there was instant attraction between …

Why do aries men play games with libra women? 
I am a 22 yr old Libra women and I fell head over hills for a 22yr old Aries man after an encounter at a bar. At the time I was in a complicated relationship …

So Confused by my new Aries Man 
Wow... talk about insightful! Ok, here is my story. I'm in my early 30's, he's in his mid 30's. I'm a Libra, he's an Aries. I'm divorced, neither one of …

Libra woman and Aries man.... To be or not to be? 
I am a libra woman who met an aries man last christmas, at the time i was in a relationship but since then that has changed. The problem is he lives abroad …

Libra just got dumped by Aries man 
Here is my situation...I recently got dumped by my Aries boyfriend (8 days ago) because he felt we had better chemistry as friends and that the relationship …

Dissapearing Acts..Iibra woman and Aries Man 
I was dating an Aries for 2 yrs...and then he dissapeared. No calls, messages or contact for 2 months... We rarely fought. He acknowledged that he can …

I met an Aries man about 4 months ago and we started as good friends , he started liking me on another way and suggested he drive up from New Jersey to …

Libra women aries man 
I am a 22 year old libra and i met a 24 year aries through a mutual friend. We have been talking for about 6 weeks now and at first everything was so great. …

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