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Leo man Scorpio woman forum

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Quite the potential love story. Leo and Scorpio 
I am a scorpio woman that is currently restarting a relationship with a leo man. We just reconnected recently from a relationship that occurred as teenagers …

Leo and Scorpio Intense Lesbian Relationship 
I'm a masculine leo woman.. and my ex is a scorpio. We were together for two years and i've never felt so much deep passionate love for someone or FROM …

Leo man's opinion on Scorpio woman  
Just Ran into my ex-scorpio girlfriend's mother..and like the leo gentleman that I am, I spoke and said hello (didn't realize that her older sister and …

Scorpio woman and Leo man is the best there is. 
I immediately felt an UNCONTROLLABLE, UNDENIABLE, AND VERY OBVIOUS connection from the first day I set my eyes on my Leo man. There was just something …

Fatal Scorpio actions against Leo 
Scorpio woman here. I was so completely and totally wrapped up and crazy in love with a Leo man not to long ago. And I am certain that the feeling was …

Scorpio woman thinking about breaking up with leo man.......HELP! 
I have been with my Leo boyfriend for 5 mo. At first everything was amazing, he was romantic and driven, he said things to me that stole my heart. He relocated …

Leo confused by Scorpio woman 
I am in love with a Scorpio woman. She is 6 years older than me. I love her to death. She is cool for a couple days then boom, right back arguing over …

I still to this day miss him .. and still to this day want to punch him in the face 
(If I have any advice to Scorpio women with Leo men: Let him be dominant but do NOT put up with disrespect, they will test you, and to pass the test …

51 year old Leo man-39 yr old Scorpio woman 
As a man I was fortunate enough to be "chosen" by a Scorpio woman. Let me say she is the "only" woman that satisfies my leonine desire. If everything was …

Scorpio missing my Leo. Help? 
I'm a Scorpio girl who fell madly in love with a Leo guy. We were both still really young and were always trying to out-do each other. He always made fun …

Leo man, bitchy scorpio woman 
I'm a 24 year old Leo and she's a 26 year old Scorpio. I've been with this girl for over a year and we have lived together for about a year know. Things …

Leo Scorpio beating the odds 
It seems my Leo man and myself (Scorpio woman) are beating the odds because I've never been with someone whom I've felt such a comfortable and strong attraction. …

Leo man Scorpio woman fighting 
I am married to a Leo man and I am scorpio and the two of us are constantly fighting. We just don't seem to see each others point of view. I find him very …

Older Scorpio woman with younger Leo Man 
Anyone in this type of relationship?

Leo men Scorpio women and cheating 
Please could someone in the same relationship (Scorpio women and Leo man) help me with my question. I know that Leo likes being the centre of attention …

Scorpio Leo marriage 
My relationship (Scorpio woman) with my Leo husband is incredibly rewarding and challenging. It has taken a lot of compromise and troubleshooting to make …

Scorpio woman my experiences with Leo men 
The last three serious relationships I've had were with Leo men; I am a Scorpio woman. And let me tell you, one of the first things I'll ask a guy now …

Leo man dating a Scorpio woman 
Im a Leo man, and I've been dating a Scorpio girl for 3 months. It's true I do get jealous and I don't care, I know she is too but seems to hide it. It …

My Leo man is attracted to a Scorpio woman 
Some really great comments; take the advice if you are newly forming a relationship with a Leo man. I am a Leo female myself and I tend to attract Earth …

Scorpio woman and Leo man 
First thing I don't understand why only Scorpio women are giving feedback here?? Where are the Leo men to give their feedback about their relationships …

Leo and Scorpio battle for control 
I'm a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Leo male for the past 8 eventful months. My relationship with him is pretty unsteady. He is basically a warm …

Leo Scorpio long distance relationship 
Scorpio woman, Leo man. Loved him with all my heart, long distance relationship didn't work out. If you have ever seen the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" …

Leo man having a baby with a Scorpio woman 
I'm a Leo man. I've just married after 2 years of relationship. From the start till now , most of our time together we spent it by arguing. As a Leo man …

Scorpio woman dating a Leo man lots of arguments 
I m a scorpion women, I date a Leo man. I really agreed with most girls up there that Leo men are really magnetic, they can attract girls just like that, …

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Leo man Scorpio woman match made in heaven 
I love my Leo. From the day we met, it was that strong connection between us that drew us together. Our personalities do clash a lot though, because we …

Scorpio Leo passionate and considerate 
We get along great! I adore him, and it's like I haven't gotten sick of him at all. I radiate in his company, just something about him makes me feel a …

Leo and Scorpio great sex 
I'm a Scorpio woman who fell for a Leo man. From the beginning it was a complicated and volatile relationship. They say opposites attract and this was …

Leo Scorpio better as a one night stand 
Im a Scorpio woman and I dated a Leo man for 4 years. The beginning of our relationship was the best. Both very much in love with each other. He had a …

Leo Scorpio love hate 
I am a PROUD Scorpio woman in a crazy relationship with a LEO man. For the first time we met, I knew things were going to be quite DIFFERENT. Of course …

Leo man Scorpio woman best friends 
I'm dating a Leo man and we are extremely similar. where I lack, he comes in and saves the day. Where he lacks, I have to tug at him to listen tome and …

Leo man and blame game 
I met my Leo guy years ago, on again, off again, he is really bull headed and always blamed me for everything. Three years ago he came over and started …

Leo's mind games? 
Well, i am a scorpio woman and i met this stunning leo man at work. I kept it casual and he asked me on a date, so i took it. date went great! very romantic …

Failed Leo/Scorpio relationship 
I'm a Leo man, and I've been heavily involved with two Scorpio women. Let me just say first of all, that you have no choice in the matter. Scorpio women …

Scorpio Woman Leo Man 
I have been "matched" with a Leo man on an elite internet dating site, the site matches people on the basis of their "compatibility"... I have been communicating …

Scorpio Woman/Leo Man 
Reading the comments about Scorpio Women and Leo Men are sooooooo true. Hits the nail right on the head. Its almost scary how other people experience the …

Long distance love affair with a leo guy 
Hi, I'm a scorpio girl who's been dating this leo guy for about 2 years now. I'd say that the first encounter was quite wierd.. So let's put it into the …

54yr old Leo male in a new relationship(6 months) with a 49yr old Scorpio. An amazingly, intense,passionete, sexually wild relationship with the both of …

Is my Leo cheap or just not into me?  
Hi I am a scorpio woman and I have been dating a Leo man for 6 months now. We just had our first Valentines day together, we don't have much money right …

Leo Scorpio instant attraction 
I'm a 20year old scorpio woman.. and i met a leo man online.. hes 23.. but it was an instant atraction! we talk for hours on the phone we havent even met …

Older leo man younger scorpio girl 
ok like ive said im younger than he is by two years. and you would think because hes 25 (im talking sex drive you guys)and im 23 yr old scorpio that would …

Scorpio woman wanting a Leo man back 
I am a Scorpio woman and i was recently in a relationship with a Leo man, we had an on and off relationship for a year and a half. We always bumped heads, …

Advice from Scorpio for Scorpio/Leo match 
leo male and scorpio female are a very powerful duo....it might take work but they both have very strong outsides but are very soft inside...scorpio female …

Scorpio seeing Leo Man - Everything I read is TRUE! 
I'm a younger scorpio chick (mid twenties) who is majorly crushing on an older leo guy (late 30s). Literally we only met within the past 24 hours and I …

Scorpio and Leo; Newly dating 
My leo guy and I have been out on two dates, and he had approached me while he was working at Target after running into me a second time there and had …

Leo Man married a scorpio woman 
Me and wifey have been together for two years and we newlys weds and just had a baby and he's a Scorpio too lol! It's funny cause we never argue about …

Totally undeserved 
I have been known, well, I don't even dream to really say that I know everything about this Leo man. Anyway, technically me and this Leo man have been …

Scorpio woman Leo compatibility 
I enjoyed this site very much. I've been trying to read up on Scorpio woman Leo compatibility for as long as I found out he is a Leo man...me being a Scorpio …

No more Leo men for me 
Just to thank all the Leo's and Scorpio's for your honest advice. I'm the Scorpio that miscarried from the Leo. I have used the advice from the Leo man. …

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